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As a fishing family, are we going to get pestered in Krabi as in Patong etc?


Hi Stuart,

We are a fishing family looking for a family holiday destination. In the past we have been to Koh Samui, Pattaya, and Phuket, but to be honest they are not really family type destinations. We are not prudes but we hate being around the Thai bar girl scene. We are not into nightlife and hate hassle. We heard from friends that Krabi is more of a family destination and that your resort is stunning and peaceful. I have checked out Krabi, and it does seem to be a family destination. Could you please answer honestly – are we going to get pestered in Krabi as in Patong, etc?

Also we would like to go on a two-centre holiday. Is there another part of Thailand you recommend where there is not this Thai sex scene, gogo bar situation? Not so much for fishing, just some nice sightseeing and countryside. Hopefully you will answer. Sorry if we seem dull and boring, but we are just a normal family, aren’t we?

Mary Westlake, Surrey, England.

Stuart’s answer:

Hi Mary.

You are not dull or boring; just a normal family looking for a normal holiday, and what’s wrong with that? Whatever made you choose Pattaya before? It’s the sex capital of Asia! OK, we chose Krabi for our resort because it is a family destination. Krabi province has been promoted as a family holiday centre. We do not have the girl bar scene here or the sex shows and gogo bars. It is not allowed to be on display here. Even the street hassle you’ll get elsewhere, with people trying to sell you suits, trips and other junk is not allowed here.

Street vendors are not allowed to pester you. It is illegal for a prostitute to approach you in Krabi, as it is all over Thailand, but the sex holiday destinations turn a blind eye. Here they are arrested. Krabi has some fantastic day trips, lots to do, and nice quiet beaches with white sand. Deckchairs and jetskis are also banned on our beaches, so it is ideal for your family. Two centres? Why not try Chiang Mai? It is like Krabi, for families, and also without all the Thai girl scene. There are no beaches, but stunning scenery, world renowned for its flowers and gardens, so it would be ideal for you and the family.
I hope that answers your fears, and that we see you and the family soon,