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Do you have any potential IGFA world record fish in your lake?


Hi Stuart,

Do you have any potential IGFA world record fish in your lake?

Stuart’s answer:

Sure! We are the holders of the world record Mekong catfish with a magnificent fish of 260lb we held the previous two records for this species. We also hold the Chao Phraya catfish at 121lb and held the previous record. Also we hold the mrigal record with a fish of 18 ½ lb. We have at least 14 species of fish over IGFA world record size, and I have marked them with a red star * for you. We have others that are close. In total we probably have at least 70 IGFA records in our lake!

Here is a list of fish we know we have over current IGFA records. In total we have 48 different species in the lake. The list changes frequently as we obtain more big fish. Our main stock is now complete, but our agent is always looking for exceptional fish for us. As you can see, some of our fish are potential IGFA world records.

Arapaima. Up to240kg.* IGFA world record 83kg. We have three over 200kg and six others over 150kg.
Asian red tail catfish. Up to40kg.* IGFA record: Vacant.
Black pacu. Up to26kg.* IGFA record: 19.95kg. We have at least four over 20kg.
Black shark. Up to5kg.* IGFA record: 5kg.
Chao Phraya Catfish. Up to 70kg.* IGFA record: 54-8kg. This record was set here at Gillhams by Dick Top on in November 2011.
Giant gourami. Up to12kg.* IGFA record: 5.6kg.
Giant featherback. Up to15kg.* IGFA record: 9.8kg. We have at least 12 over 10kg.
Java barb. Up to 5kg.* IGFA record: 2.10kg.
Mekong Catfish. Up to 140kg.* IGFA record: 117.936kg. This record was set here at Gillhams by David Kent in November 2010.
Mrigal. Up to12kg.* IGFA record: 8.5kg . This record was set here at Gillhams by Eddie Grey in January 2012
Rohu. Up to14kg.* IGFA record: 12.50kg.
Siamese carp. Up to70kg.* IGFA record: 53kg. We have four over 55kg.
Spotted featherback. Up to7kg.* IGFA record: 6kg.
Tiger catfish. Up to15kg.* IGFA record: 13.5kg.
Wallago attu. Up to20kg.* IGFA record: 18.6kg.
Wallago leeri. Up to 50kg.* IGFA record: Vacant, you need 35kg-plus to claim.