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Fly & Lure Fishing at Gillhams Fishing Resorts


Main Lake:

All fly fishing equipment and flies to be supplied by the angler – we do not supply any fly fishing equipment. We have restrictions for fly tackle to fish for our large fish such as arapaima – you need a minimum 12wt outfit. All hooks must be single and barbless or crushed barbs – no tandem or treble hook setups, no leadcore or wire allowed, and no line section allowed below 35lb braking strain.

For arapaima and other large species the minimum is a 12wt setup. Leaders must be minimum 35lb BS tippet. Lines I recommend are floating and intermediate, and flies – any fry patterns or tadpoles with plenty of marabou or similar to give the fly some life.

For red tails etc 10wt setups are allowed with a maximum size 8 hook for flies. Leaders must be minimum 25lb BS tippet. Lines I recommend for red tails and other catfish species are sinking or intermediate, and flies – tadpoles and cat’s whiskers small fry patterns.

For mini species 8wt setups are allowed with a maximum size 12 hook for flies. Leaders must be minimum 10lb BS tippet. Lines I recommend are floating, and flies – shrimp patterns, buzzers, gold-headed daddies, damsels and hare’s ear.

Fly and Lure Lake:

The fly lake has fish from 1lb to 20lb. The lake has been stocked with various fish from around the world including Goliath tiger fish, Nile perch, brycon, Atlantic tarpon, peacock bass, Indian mahseer, Thai mahseer, golden dorado, red throated pacu, barramundi, wallago attu, horse fish, giant snakehead, and striped and cobra snakehead. We intend to stock some other rare and exotic species as and when they become available. You need to bring your own tackle – we allow 6 to 8wt setups with maximum size 8 barbless hooks with minimum 15lb tippets and a soft coated wire trace minimum 15lb bs or pike braid. Lines are floating and intermediate only – no sinking lines.

Flies to try include tadpoles, cat’s whiskers, small fry patterns, mini poppers and any trout flies you use at home will work. As for the lure rods, very lightweight bait casting outfits with minimum line strength of 15lb, or 30lb braid and soft-coated wire, minimum 15lb bs or pike braid. Rubber lures only – no hard plastic or metal lures, and with only one single barbless hook – no multi hook rigs, lures or bait fishing will be allowed. The best lures we have found are small 1 to 2in storm lures or small jelly worms. Due to many of the above fish having sharp teeth you will need to use a soft wire trace, as hooks tied direct to mono will get bitten off. For this reason we insist on a wire trace being used, but only in the fly/lure lake – on the main lake wire is banned.