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Fishing In Thailand Newsletter January 2014


Welcome to the Gillhams fishing Resorts January Newsletter where fortunately, or unfortunately depending how you look at it, you have me, Geoff, writing the newsletter for the next two months. Many of you will know that Stuart and Sean are away in the UK doing the shows, and they have left the resort in some very capable hands. First all Joel is in charge of all things fishing and running around making sure the customers are getting the fish of their dreams and also giving all the guides a hard time…

Fishing In Thailand Newsletter December 2013


Best wishes from us all here at Gillhams Fishing Resorts. We hope you all had a great Christmas and all your dreams come true in 2014. We certainly had a great time with many regular friends and customers, plus some new faces. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our friends and customers who spent Christmas and New Year with us and for making it so special. The fish also get the day off here on Christmas Day as it’s the only day of the year Gillhams is closed.

Fishing In Thailand Newsletter November 2013

Siamese carp 134lb

Hello again and welcome to another newsletter about the fishing in Thailand at Gillhams Fishing Resorts, by the time you read this newsletter Christmas will be on us. Gillhams Fishing Resorts would like to wish everybody a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year and hope all your angling dreams come true in 2014. The […]

Fishing In Thailand, Krabi Newsletter October 2013


Hello again and welcome to another newsletter about the fishing in Thailand at Gillhams Fishing Resorts. Where has this year gone? Christmas is just around the corner, 2014 is nearly upon us, and then it’s show time. This year we are attending the following fishing shows: Brentwood 25th/26th January, Zwolle, Holland 1st/2nd February. Farnborough 22/23rd February, Forum International de la Carpe et du Silure, Montluçon France 1st/2nd March. Coventry 8th/9th March. Once again we will be offering discounts when booking a holiday at the show, and also the famous Gillhams raffle will be taking place with a holiday drawn at every show.

Fishing In Thailand Newsletter September 2013


Welcome to another fishing in Thailand newsletter from Gillhams Fishing Resorts. This month’s newsletter is longer than usual, as Geoff wanted his moment of glory. As you will read later, Geoff was helping with the filming. Now Geoff is a movie star and hoping for an Oscar, so we have had to include his blow-by-blow account. They say everyone gets five minutes of fame; well Geoff has taken half an hour and filled the newsletter! If we have missed you out then blame Geoff because we ran out of room, but as Manchester United are playing such crap this year we had to do something to cheer the old git up!

Fishing In Thailand Newsletter August 2013


Hello to all the followers of our Gillhams Fishing Resorts fishing in Thailand newsletter. Another month has flown by here in paradise, and by the time you read this newsletter the lake extension will be underway. Once the lake becomes one, 400 new fish and a few surprises will be joining the existing stock in the main lake. As I write this, all the work getting ready for the September 19th start is complete, with two leaks repaired and tons of concrete to strengthen the weak points now done. On the 19th September 11 diggers will be working to take out the centre of the lake. We have allowed 15 days for the works, but expect to complete in ten days.

Fishing In Thailand Newsletter July 2013


Once again hello to everyone following this fishing in Thailand newsletter from Gillhams Fishing Resorts. Yet another month has flown by, and shame on us for bringing you this newsletter late again, but we are just always so busy here at Gillhams. We are nearing the end of August as I finally get around to writing the intro for our newsletter. Sean and the guides have had their part written for a few weeks, but my part is late, what with getting the lake ready to extend, repairing a leak on the new addition plus removing the top end filter. This was a task on its own as the filter was constructed with 0.600 thick walls of solid concrete at 15m long by 5m

Fishing In Thailand Newsletter June 2013


Well, another month has passed, and fishing in Thailand and life here at Gillhams Fishing Resorts is slowly returning to normal. We have been getting our seasonal rains, and coupled with less angling pressure, the fish have been feeding well. The lake has had a good flush through, and the new addition to the lake has benefited from all the rain. The new landscaping is all growing well, and by the time we open this side of the lake it will look like it has always been here. We have also added some new fish to this side of the lake, mainly arapaima, Mekong catfish, Amazon redtail catfish, Siamese carp and tambaqui, plus a few surprises!

Fishing In Thailand Newsletter May 2013


Sorry for the delay on this report on the fishing in Thailand. As many of you will be aware my father passed away on the 25th of May, and obviously this resulted in me having to fly back to the UK immediately with Becky and Sean following a few days later. I was overwhelmed by the amount of messages we received from our friends and clients; it was a great comfort to all my family to receive so many kind words of sympathy.

As I started this newsletter about my father, I will continue here with a short memory of my dad’s life. Bernard Jack Gillham was 90 years old, married to my mother Marjorie, and they would have celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary this year. He was the proud father of my late sister Jenny and my younger sister Helen,

April Newsletter 2013


Once again another month has passed us by, and once again it’s time for another Gillhams Fishing Resorts newsletter compiled by Sean, Geoff, Jut and Joel on the fishing in Thailand. We have had another busy month here fishing in Krabi with many returning clients plus some new faces. We are also having a big move around with the website, as we have joined up with a new web company. Anybody that would like their own place on our website we will be starting an anglers’ blog section where customers can write about their angling experience at Gillhams, you will also be able to add your own photos. We will keep you posted on the many new plans and changes we are making. We also have growing social network sites with our Facebook page Gillhamsfishingresorts getting daily updates on news and catches, plus we are now on Twitter