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Can I use my own rods and reels?


Hi Stuart,

My wife and I booked to fish with you after attending one of your excellent talks in the UK. You state in your rules that a minimum of 35lb line should be used, but at your talk you stated that you use a new UV line that you have been field testing for Gold Label Tackle called Pro-Tuf. This line is now being launched on the UK market and Gold Label are advertising fish to over 300lb landed on the 30lb test from your fishery.

Not being picky, it’s just I like to bring my own rods and reels and do not wish to break your rules.

Dave, Essex.

Stuart’s answer:

Dear Dave,

I am glad you read our rules, and I wish everyone did. We did work with Rob Eustace on this line for a year, and under our tests and Rob’s the 30lb line consistently broke above 40lb. This is a similar result to Gold Label’s Pro Gold line, which enables you to come down in breaking strains. The line also has very good abrasion qualities so although we felt 100% confident using Gold Label’s 30lb Pro-Tuf line, we decided to play safe and as the line has a fine diameter we went for the 36lb bs.

You are of course welcome to use your own rods that must be over 6lb tc, and your own heavy duty reels, your line if not from the Gold Label stable must be 35lb test or higher. The tackle here does take some beating, and it has been carefully chosen, and not because they are one of our sponsors. The Free Spirit rods are the best, and if they were not we would not use them, as with any other tackle here. Unless you are fishing elsewhere on your trip there really is no need to bring your own tackle.

Save the space to bring us strong cheddar cheese and other goodies on our wish list, and then you will have weight allowance left to take home all your copy designer label goods.

Best wishes see you soon,