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Concerned about the rainy season.

Hi guys,

I am planning a trip over to Gillhams in June or July this year with my fishing buddy. We are concerned about it being the rainy season – not that the rain bothers us – but do the fish feed in the rain, especially your stunning looking arapaima? By the way, the website is a first class top site and easy to use, full of good reading, and we love the newsletters, so please put me on your newsletter list.

Stig, Sweden

Stuart’s answer:

Hi Stig.

Thanks for the compliment on the site; it’s nice to receive feedback, and we will put you on our mailing list. Rainy season? Don’t worry; the fish love it. Ok, maybe not the Mekong’s or Julian’s golden prize , but the arapaima, red tails and carp all love it, in fact it fishes better for these species in the wet season due to lower temperatures. We have large umbrellas and quick erect shelters, so you will stay dry except for all the time spent fighting fish. Bring a rain jacket and light jumper, as the temperatures do drop in the early morning and late evening. You do get many fine days with no rain – sometimes even a full week.
See you between June and October?