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Do you sell pellets for bait at Gillhams?


Hi Stuart,

I visited your fantastic resort last year and follow your news letter section which is a damned good read, Iam returning with two friends in October next year. I remember on my visit last year you mentioned that you were developing a pellet bait, do you now supply pellets?

Jeremy Davis UK.

Stuart’s answer:

Hi Jeremy,

Many thanks for your email; pleased to hear you enjoy the news letter and look forward to seeing you again in October.

At last we have managed to get a Thai company to make us sinking pellets, we now supply each angler with one bucket of pellet per day approximately five kilo. These pellets are high in protein with a safe amount of natural oils, our fish are benefitting from this new food and the weight gains and catch rates have improved due to this great food source. We stock pellets in two sizes large and small you are supplied with the large pellet and additional pellet can be purchased at 250 baht per kilo, we also sell the small pellet which is also 250 baht per kilo. The smaller pellets are ideal for using with PVA bags, which we also sell here at 330 baht per 20 pack of of long lasting Korda Solidz bags which cope well with the extremely warm water in our lake. Our own brand of boilies are still working well especially fished over the pellet, the price 500 baht per kilo.  Bulk purchase of pellet in 20kilo sacks: 4,500 baht.

Best regards,