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Gold Label Tackle PRO-TUF rated in relation to Gold Label Tackle Pro Clear or Pro Gold.


Dear Stuart,

You have been mentioning the new line by Gold Label Tackle recently, and from your comments it sounds like it’s good. How would you rate this line in relation to Gold Label Pro Clear or Pro Gold? Also what is it called and where can I buy it? I love your website – it is very informative.

When will you be adding your other species to the fish library? I am saving my money and will definitely be over for a trip in 2009. Do you need any more fishing guides?

Mickie, Nottingham.

Stuart’s answer:

Hi Mickie,

Thanks for your question. The new line by Gold Label Tackle is called Pro-Tough. How would I rate it? Well Mickie, for what it was designed for it is the best yet. It is a UV line, which means it keeps its strength in the sun. It has the same knot strength as Pro Gold, and fantastic abrasion resistance in a low diameter, which gives it tremendous casting abilities as in Pro Clear.

For what we need, here at Gillhams, it has it all. It is the best yet, and we are proud to have been involved in its development. To sum up Gold Label Lines, they create a line for all situations. Pro Gold has high knot strength and means you can drop your breaking strain, while abrasion resistance is first class. Pro Clear has true high knot strength, low memory, and is a good distance-casting line.

Pro-Tough has all these features, plus it does not deteriorate in the sun, so I rate it as the best line ever to have come out of the Gold Label Tackle stable, and for those of you who know, this company has always been at the forefront of line development. To buy this line look up the links on our website. The Tackle Box or J&K Tackle stock Gold Label Tackle.

When will I be adding more species to our fish library? Good question! It should be now, but we are so busy here, what with newsletters and having to dash out of my office every few minutes to deal with big fish, but I will work late and hopefully finish by end of May.

As for guides, it is not an easy job. We have some good ones coming over from Spain and the UK in November. If you are serious send me your portfolio. See you in 2009! Book early to avoid disappointment.

Best regards,