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Is it ok to make and use your own rigs and is there anything recommended to bring?


Hi Stuart,

It’s Bob here from sunny England. The lads and I are really excited about our upcoming trip, and we wanted to ask you if it is ok for us to make and use our own rigs, and is there anything you recommend we bring? Also can we use our own reels loaded with braid? Finally, bait – again can we bring our own and any pointers to give us the edge?


Stuart’s answer:

Hi Bob,

Glad to hear you and the boys are looking forward to the trip. We are all looking forward to meeting you and hopefully getting you amongst some monsters. Sure, we welcome you bringing your own bits and making your own rigs. Sometimes people like you show us some new and better kit, and also it saves our precious stocks.

This list was updated in May 2014, always check before coming as things do change.

We do supply all tackle but the following will help if you wish to experiment and tie your own rigs, Fosters of Birmingham sell all the bits in this list ask for Tom Collof 01213443333.

By bringing your own you can play around with the lengths of your rigs, whereas using ours you get the length we use to minimize waste, as tackle is precious over here.

You need to bring head torch, large pouch catapult and light rain jacket. For float fishing for Mekong catfish and Siamese carp when they are high in the water, you need a reel loaded with minimum 80lb braid or bring some braid and we can fill one of our reels for you, plus some large cigar shaped pike floats and sliding leads.

Catmaster hooklink braid in 50kg, Korda Hybrid wide gape B size one hooks, G-Force size 1/0 hooks are also very good all their patterns are “good. The Catmaster range of hooks are good for arapaima if not any strong size 4/0 hooks, circle hooks size 2/0, sinking wide bore rig tube, 4oz inline leads, large slow melt PVA bags, size 8 swivels, large sliding rubber stops, large spomb and back leads.

Recently anglers have been doing well with the following baits: halibut pellets in 14 and 18 mil, Mainline pineapple dumbbell pop ups and boilies in 14mil, all these must be made by a recognized brand name company in the original unopened and sealed company packaging. Plus pineapple or fish bait dips, plastic corn and plastic pellets various sizes floating and sinking.

Hope that answers your questions. Any more, feel free to ask.

Best regards,
Stuart and the team.