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Is there a problem at Gillhams Fishing Resorts with mosquitoes?

Is there a problem with mosquitoes at Gillhams Fishing Resorts?

Phil Smith (NASA record fish committee).

Stuart’s answer:

Dear Phil,

This is a good question that deserves a full answer so here goes…
We stock 50,000 coloured mollies every three months. These are the popular aquarium fish you have back in the UK, the most common being the black molly. These mini-species are native to Thailand and are about the same cost per 10,000 here as one in Europe. They are voracious little guys who feed on mosquito larvae, so they keep the dreaded mozzies at bay, but unfortunately for them they are low down in the pecking order here at Gillhams, hence the stocking every three months. They are a great food source for our fish, in particular the featherbacks, green arowana, and snake heads.

We are also only one mile from the ocean, being surrounded on three sides by limescale mountains. The wind funnels up from the sea most evenings and keeps the dreaded pests at bay. So as you see, we do not have a problem here.

Did you know that one of the best mosquito repellents was discovered by our own special forces by accident, and they now use it in the tropics to great effect?
Try Avon Skin So Soft spray, in the woodland fresh variety – it is also fish friendly and does not taint your bait.
Thanks for contacting us, Phil and keep weighing those UK record fish. Hopefully one will be yours one day!