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Is there something you could recommend as bait?


Hi Stuart,

Is there something you could recommend as bait which we could buy before we come, and which could be a safe bet for fish? We know we for sure will get some nice fish anyhow, but maybe you have some extra tricks.

Kind regards,
Michael Hansen. Denmark.

Stuart’s answer:

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the email. Regarding bait, if there was a better bait we would be using it, as our job is to make sure the angler catches! The best baits by far here are our own brand of pellets that you are supplied with (5kg per day per angler, extra pellets can be purchased from us.) Other baits that do really well here are; our own boilies which we sell at 350 baht per kg around 2 kg per day is adequate, pop ups which we sell here at 100 baht per pot. Dendrobaena worms work very well but we can’t get any in Thailand, if we could stock them I would.

Extra tricks always makes me chuckle! 70% of guys coming here fish chuck it and chance it style – very few take the time to check the depths and fish to a chosen spot. Carp and Mekongs like a depth of around 5m over sand, and red tail cats, tiger cats and wallago all like silty channels, so if you plumb the depth, feel the bottom with the lead and fish these spots, that’s those fish sorted. As for arapaima, where you see them roll is where they are feeding that day, so cast at the range they are showing. Now those are extra tricks, or common sense if you like!

But 70% of anglers still turn up, chuck it out and expect a big fish, while 30% reap the rewards. So for that edge, plumb the depth, bait regularly, and accurately. Poor bait in the best spot is better than good bait in a poor spot.

Best regards,