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What do I need to bring for my fishing trip?


Dear Stuart,

May I start by congratulating you on such a simple to use informative and interesting website. I love the newsletters and now subscribe to Big Carp magazine every month as it’s nice to read them in a magazine, plus the magazine itself is a very good read. My question is, I am booked into your resort for January – what should I bring in the way of bits for my own use and is there anything you require?

Best wishes,
David Jones. UK.

Stuart’s answer:

Hi David,

Many thanks for your comments on the website, I am sure Rob would be happy to know the newsletter has given him yet another customer.

Ok, for your own use bring the following items: light rain jacket, head torch, sun hat and sun cream and don’t forget the camera! You also need a groundbait catapult with spare elastics as the sun degenerates the elastic in a few days, a large spomb plus a bait drill and fine baiting needle. If you wish to method float fish for Mekong catfish and Siamese carp bring some 80 or 100lb braid, as we don’t supply reels loaded with braid but are happy to fill one of our reels for you. Also a large cigar shaped pike or sea float.

Due to the extreme weather here at certain times our bite alarms are always playing up, we try our hardest to keep them working and replace around 60 every year. If you have your own alarms it is well worth bringing them with you.

Tackle-wise you do not really need anything, but the following will also give you a slight edge and allow you to tie and experiment with your own rigs: I recommend Fosters of Birmingham for all your tackle bits, they know the latest bits that are working here see their link on our web site: PVA string, 2mm sinking tube, tail rubbers/rig sleeves, XL sliding stops, Fox XL bolt bubbles, Catmaster tackle soft flat braid in 60lb +. Mustad hooks 10829NP-BN Big Gun Bait in size 1, 1/0 and 3/0, size 8 swivels, back leads and also a few 4oz or 5oz inline leads.

If you wish to have some fun catching small silver fish you can use an extra rod while waiting for the big one. We supply at extra cost a match rod and reel loaded with 8lb line, you need to bring some floats, shot and size 8 or 10 hooks.

As for me, check before coming as our goodie list from home varies depending on how our stocks are going. Strong cheddar cheese is nearly always on the list, or our Dutch clients should always bring some stroopwafels!

Best regards,