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What type of fishery is Gillhams Fishing Resorts?


Dear Stuart,

My mate David and I have seen many reports in the UK showing huge fish from Gillhams. We are looking for a fishing holiday somewhere different to catch fish like arapaima that we cannot catch here at home. We are planning a holiday to Thailand in 2009. We have looked at your website and wow, some of the fish are huge, especially those Mekong catfish. Our concern is we are not big fish hunters. At home we would rather catch 100 small fish in a day than one big one.

In fact, we do not understand the guys that sit behind their rods all day to catch one big fish (or none as the case often seems to be!). We hope you do not take offence at our letter to you, but you are known to be one of these guys that enjoy fishing long periods for one big fish rather than enjoying lots of action. So our question to you is what type of fishery is Gillhams? Easy or hard? Can we expect to catch lots of fish of different species every day? We would love to catch some of those monster fish you have, but would hate having to sit for hours waiting.

Ideally we are looking for 20 or more fish per day. Would your fishery fit the bill?

Peter and David from Manchester, UK.

Stuart’s answer:

Hi Peter and David,

Well lads, that’s a pretty tall order. To answer your question truthfully, no, Gillhams is not the place for you. Sure we have fish of 49 species you will not have caught before, and you are correct, some are huge. But 20-plus fish in a day? Not here, that’s for sure. You will not find a fishery in the world producing huge fish like arapaima, Siamese carp etc in large numbers. To grow big, fish need room plus an abundance of food. We have created that here, but if we overstock the fish go backwards, get sick and die.

It was never Sean’s or my intention to create glorified stew pond. Being specialist anglers we wanted to create, and have created, a fishery for guys that want to catch a fish of a lifetime. On a normal holiday here you average four to five fish per day over a seven-day period, and you will catch at least one fish of a lifetime. I would never say I do not understand guys that want to catch 100 fish a day, as whatever you enjoy is what fishing is about, but for me I would be bored catching a fish a cast.

I like a challenge and yes, I am known as a bloke who will go for days in pursuit of big fish, as are many of my friends. I also have friends who are match anglers and guys like you who want loads of fish every day regardless of size. But one thing for sure is we all share the same thing, a passion for fishing and the outdoors.

As regards whether Gillhams is easy or hard as a big fish venue; it is not hard, but as with all big fish locations it is also not easy. You really got me racking my brains here for an answer, but I suppose if you take the following example it might explainit . Imagine a lake at home that contained just one big arapaima or Siamese carp etc. Most people would fish all year in the hope of being the one person that caught that huge fish. Here at Gillhams in a seven-day period you should catch one; in fact most anglers go home having caught several fish of a lifetime in sizes way beyond their wildest dreams.

We have created the best venue in the world for huge fish of many species. Gillhams is a big fish venue where anglers will have the holiday of a lifetime in the most stunning scenery to be found anywhere in the world, plus five star facilities. But to answer your question, lads, please do not come here, as it will not be what you are looking for. We often have to suffer guys whinging because they have only caught a few huge fish in a day, and that spoils our day as well as theirs. Some guys catch a monster fish of a lifetime and still complain because it is not a fish a chuck. To be honest with you, they came to the wrong place.

There are many waters in Thailand stocked with thousands of fish, mainly Mekong catfish and striped catfish, and they are cheap, easy and hey, you will be in the land of smiles so enjoy your trip to the magic kingdom.