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Fishing equipment

Gillhams Fishing Resorts are proud to be sponsored by the following companies: Free Spirit, Tackle Box, J&K Tackle, Gold Label Tackle, Richworth, Fosters of Birmingham, Pure Fishing, Solar Tackle and Korda. All anglers will be supplied with 2 x rods, reels, rod pod, electronic alarms; all end tackle, plus a reasonable amount of free bait.

We use the following equipment:

Free spirit 10ft 6lb test curve Cat Tamer rods. After being offered and testing various other companies’ rods, the Free Spirit rods were by far the number one choice. With these rods you still feel fish down to 10lbs but believe us, they have the power to subdue our biggest residents.In our experience these are the best rods on the market.

Shimano Big Pit Long Cast Baitrunner reels. Again we tried the rest and there was no contest. These reels are robust and have a superb drag system. The Baitrunners are, as expected from Shimano are the best.

All our reels are loaded with line from the Gold Label range. As with all their products it cannot be faulted. The new UV range was field tested here at Gillhams. This line is the best we’ve ever used and we are proud to have been involved in its development. Top marks must go to Terry and Rob Eustace in producing this perfect line for the tropics.

We use Fox alarms they have stood the test of time with the abuse they get here in the tropics.

Fox swinger indicators; these are the best swinger system on the market; with their adjustable weights on the arms they cover all situations.

We use various end tackle and rig bits from all the above mentioned companies. This gives us the opportunity to present baits on the most advanced and safe rigs in various forms on the market today,

We field test many new products for all our sponsors. For us, these are the companies we can trust. Their products are fish safe and more than capable in handling our huge fish. When you hook a fish of a lifetime, these companies’ products will not let you, or us down!

If you need any more advice on tackle used at Gillhams, why not contact us and send your questions for the “Ask Stuart” section on our web site.