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Emerald Pools

If you’re the kind of person that likes the outdoors then here’s a trip for you – Emerald Pool, or Crystal Lakes as some people call it. The Emerald Pool is made up of many natural pools where the water has run through porous rocks from mountain springs, which has given it the color and clarity, leaving it looking like blue lagoons hidden in the rainforest.

On arrival you will have the option of walking directly to the pools on a comfortable sandy track roughly 1.2 kilometers straight through the forest or a slightly longer track of 1.8 kilometers through the jungle on manmade walkways and sunken logs making a stepping stone course. Although this route doesn’t require trekking expertise, it still isn’t suitable for children or elderly people.

The forest surrounding the Emerald Pools is a haven for birdwatchers early in the morning with many different types of exotic birds coming in to bathe and drink from the beautiful blue water, and it is even home to the Gurney’s Pitta, thought to be extinct a few years ago.

As you reach the main pool you will see that your trek was well worth it and you will certainly be ready to cool off and take a swim. Take care while entering the pool, as some of the rocks are extremely slippery. The pool itself is about 25 meters in diameter and ranges from 1/2 meter deep. There are also small huts around the pool for people to relax and have a picnic while watching for wildlife after that refreshing swim.

On exiting the park there are some small restaurants serving cold drinks and a small selection of Thai dishes for those who don’t want to trek through the jungle loaded out with food and drinks.

This trip can be booked as a group tour or by private air-conditioned minibus or car. Please bring with you comfortable walking shoes, swimming costume and towels.