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Krabi Island

Krabi is famous for its islands, as the Andaman sea hosts some of the most spectacular islands on the planet with their towering limestone cliffs along with soft white sandy beaches and small coves.

There are hundreds of huge limestone cliffs scattered all around Krabi and Phang Nga with a further 154 islands offering many different places to visit whether you want to relax on the white sandy beachess or go snorkeling and diving. Some of the islands even have restaurants and cheap bamboo hut accommodation.

One of the most popular Islands off Krabi is Koh Phi Phi, which is made up of several islands, the most famous being Koh Phi Phi Leh where they filmed The Beach with Leonardo Dicaprio. Unfortunately Phi Phi has paid the price of fame as every tourist wants to visit the island, and although the island itself has some of the most stunning surroundings, it’s heavily overpopulated and in the high season you may even find it hard to find an empty spot on the beach. Also the sea can also be hard to swim in due to the many boats bringing tourists to the shores.

We still wouldn’t tell anybody not to visit this beautiful island, but if you’re looking for quieter islands (although all islands in high season can be busy) there are many to choose from.

Trips can be booked as a private tour either by speedboat/longtail boat or as a group tour where you will join other tourists.

Island Trips:

Hong Island

Koh Hong is one of Krabi’s most beautiful islands with white sandy beaches and an enclosed lagoon, which can only be accessed at high tide through a small gap between the mountains. The trip doesn’t include lunch, but you can request a packed lunch here at Gillhams. Your trip will include:

Pick up from Gillhams Fishing Resorts at 9am. Your tour guide will then transfer you to the speed boat/longtail boat.

Your Hong Island tour will take you to the lagoon where you can swim in the clear water and take photos of the limestone karsts surrounding the lagoon.

The next stop on the island is Pakbia for more swimming and relaxing on the white sandy beach.

You will then be taken to another part of the island where you can snorkel and see swallows’ nests. They climb inside the caves taking the birds’ nests that are later taken to make the famous bird’s nest soup, a Thai delicacy.

Finally you will finish your day at Hong Island Bay where you can relax, have a picnic under the shade of the many trees that line the beach and explore in and around the water.

Bond Island and Hong Island:

This two-part trip not only takes you to the beautiful white sandy beaches and blue lagoons of Hong Island; it also takes you to the famous Bond Island where the 1974 James Bond movie The Man With The Golden Gun was filmed.

Your tour guide will pick you up at Gillhams Fishing Resorts at 9am and take you to your speedboat/longtail boat.

Bond Island is the first stop on this trip where you can get off, walk around and take pictures where Scaramanga’s secret lair was built into the rocks and then swim in the bay of the island.

After this you will be taken to Hong Island where you can swim, snorkel and have a picnic under the trees on the white sandy beaches.

When your tour is over, you will go back to the pier and your guide will bring you back to Gillhams Fishing Resorts.

Phi Phi Island:

Phi Phi Island is possibly one of the most famous islands in the world. Ask anybody to name a place in Thailand and it will be in the top three along with Bangkok and Phuket. Many movies have been filmed on and around the island of Phi Phi with the most famous being The Beach with Leonardo Dicaprio.

Your trip will start with an 8am pick up from Gillhams Fishing Resorts where your guide will transport you to your speedboat/longtail boat.

From there you will have an one hour/one and half hour run to the islands of Phi Phi where you will have chance to take many pictures of the large limestone karsts before snorkeling and swimming.

You will be taken to Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Leh and then Maya Bay where the famous movie The Beach was filmed.

This island won’t require a packed lunch, as there are many restaurants and even cocktail bars along the beach along with small market stalls selling hats, T-shirts and Phi Phi souvenirs.

After your trip you will be bought back to the pier where you will be transported back to Gillhams Fishing resorts.

Three Islands Tour:

The three-island tour is good, as you get to move around and see other islands rather than be on the same island all day. These are the closest islands to Ao-Nang so they can get busy. The Islands you will visit are Poda Island, Chicken Island and Monkey Island. All three are good for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing in shaded areas under the trees or sunbathing on the white sandy beach. Monkey Island also has a small beach restaurant so you can have a Thai cooked lunch or you can still opt for a packed lunch prepared by our staff at Gillhams Fishing Resorts.