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Krabi Hot Springs

The hot springs is very nice and relaxing day out for the whole family. The water from the springs runs at around 40 to 45 degrees C and after relaxing in the water for just five to ten minutes you will already feel the stress leaving your body, leaving you feeling fresh and relaxed.

Hot water rises from several springs and flows through a forest until it tumbles down a bluff into a stream. Over the course of hundreds of years, the minerals dissolved in the water have been deposited on the rocks in such a way as to form large, deep pools of water. The sides of the pools are so steep that they don’t seem natural.

One of the major minerals found in the water is copper, which gives the stony deposits a dark green color. The forest and deep warm water makes it all very relaxing. While soaking in the water is considered good for you, be sure you don’t drink it. In addition to copper and fluoride, the water also contains traces of lead.

The hot springs are located just a ten-minute walk from the car park along a jungle trail inside Krabi’s national park.

The hot springs can be done as a tour, booking with other tourists, or from the comfort of a private air-conditioned car. Please take with you comfortable walking shoes, swimming costume, towels, sunscreen, some money for drinks, and a small donation, which is required towards the national park.