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Fishing equipment

Gillhams Fishing Resorts are proud to be sponsored by the following companies; Free Spirit fishing rods, Korda, Fox, One More Cast (OMC), Fishon Tackle Shop.

We use the following equipment:

Free spirit 10ft 6lb test curve Cat Tamer rods. After being offered and testing various other companies’ rods, the Free Spirit rods were by far the number one choice. With these rods you still feel fish down to 10lbs but believe us, they have the power to subdue our biggest residents.In our experience these are the best rods on the market.

Fox EOS front drag reels. We used to use Baitrunner reels by Shimano and Daiwa but due to them not being able to supply spares we had to stop supplying baitunner reels. Our fish are so big and powerful that no baitrunner reel lasts long enough. If you are only comfortable using a baitrunner reel we suggest to bring your own, the reels must be capable of holding 240 meters of 80lb bs braid or 40lb bs line. A baitrunner reel that fits the bill is the Okuma Tomcat BF reel, unfortunately they don’t last long enough for us to be able to supply them, however for a holiday trip of two weeks they are fine, and priced fairly.

All our reels are loaded with our own brand of 80lb braid which offers greater durability, longer casting range and more direct contact with the fish as opposed to mono line.

We mainly use Fox mini micron alarms, occasionally if we are waiting on a new supply then we will use various other electronic alarms.  The weather here is brutal on electronic alarms, despite testing most alarms we have found the top of the range ones don’t last any longer than the budget alarms.

Fox swinger indicators; these are the best swinger system on the market; with their adjustable weights on the arms they cover all situations.

We use various end tackle and rig bits from all the above mentioned companies. This gives us the opportunity to present baits on the most advanced and safe rigs in various forms on the market today,

We field test many new products for all our sponsors. For us, these are the companies we can trust. Their products are fish safe and more than capable in handling our huge fish. When you hook a fish of a lifetime, these companies’ products will not let you, or us down!

All anglers are supplied with a reasonable amount of free bait on a daily basis.

Additional bait is available which can be purchased (subject to availability):

Boilies 550 baht per 1kg bag or single purchase of 10kg for 5,000 baht

Gillhams pellet 275 baht per kg, or single purchase sack of 25kg for 6,000 baht

Stick pellet at 60 baht per kilo

Sea fish dead baits in ½ kg packs are 60 baht per pack, strictly only fish baits supplied by us to be used.

Pop-ups 300 baht per tub

We used to allow outside baits from recognized bait companies, however recently jealousy between rival fisheries has resulted in threats to poison fish with poisoned bait. In view of this we are taking the precaution of banning all outside bait other than pop-ups, to be honest the amount of our bait the fish see it was always a problem to switch them onto another bait however good it was claimed to be.

Every angler is provided with 2 x Free Spirit 6lb tc CatTamer rods, 2 x Fox EOS front drag reels. 2 x electronic bite alarms with Fox swingers, 1 x Fox rod pod and all end tackle, plus a reasonable amount of bait per day. Additional bait can be purchased at a fair price shown on our web site under prices , a third rod can also be added for an additional cost.


If you need any more advice on tackle used at Gillhams, why not contact us and send your questions for the “Frequently Asked Question” section on our web site.