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Fly & Lure Fishing at Gillhams Fishing Resorts


Main Lake:

Fly fishing on the main lake has now been stopped, too many so called anglers have been abusing the rules and putting bait on there fly’s. Also we have lost too many arapaima due to prolonged fights, our arapaima are now so big that apart from a 16wt rod and 100lb + tippets, fly rods are inadequate to handle the arapaima. Too many anglers have been abusing the rules, which were put in place for the arapaima’s safety.

We are still allowing fly fishing on the small lake. Rods are ideally 4wt to 6wt, but any rods are OK. Lines floating and intermediate lines only, NO fast sinking lines. Tippet minimum 15lb. All trout fly’s will work, especially gold headed flies like daddy long legs damsel nymphs and hare’s ear. Tadpole and cats whisker patterns work well, especially in black, white and damsel. Dry fly’s are also good, as are buzzers and super glue buzzers.

Small poppers and frog patterns work well for snake heads, it is also worth using a soft wire of 20lb bs 3inch is perfect. fish the fly on a loop for maximum movement.

All fly’s dressed on maximum size 8 hooks.

Fly and Lure Lake:

Please be aware that due to the nature of landscaping here the fly fishing can be awkward for inexperienced fly casters.

This lake has now changed to any method, fly and lure fishing is still allowed. Again for fly or lure fishing you need to bring your own tackle, bait fishing tackle is supplied. We allow 6 to 8wt set ups maximum size 8 barbless hooks with minimum 15lb tippets, lines floating and intermediate only no sinking lines. Flies tadpoles, cats whiskers, small fry patterns, mini poppers, any trout flies you use at home will work. As for the lure rods very light weight baitcasting outfits minimum 30lb braid, no mono to be used on lure outfits. Rubber lures only no hard plastic or metal lures, one single barbless hook, no multi hook rigs will be allowed. The best lures we have found are small 1 to 2inch storm lures or small jelly worms. Wire trace is banned at Gillhams.

I am sure you will agree no fish is worth sacrificing, as I am sure you will understand why the tackle rules have been changed.