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Fishing In Thailand Newsletter February 2018

Welcome to another month of captures here in paradise at Gillhams Fishing Resorts. We would like to thank all our readers and everybody that follows us on social media – thank you for all your support.

Like I mentioned in Januarys newsletter, due to not being at the resort I haven’t been able to get any info on anglers so the newsletters are going to be more compressed. I have included info on fish captures and what’s been coming out also I have put in lots of pictures of February catches but not about anglers. We have also been thinking about keeping it a lot less of a newsletter and just info on captures and what’s happening in and around the resort.

So far the shows have all been going well with the Brentwood Carp Show in Essex and the Zwolle Carp Show in Holland and Northern Angling Show in Manchester have all been and gone. It was great meeting new customers and of course many returning customers and friends. Next will be the Big One at Farnborough on the 24th and 25th of March. We will be running the Gillhams raffle as always, with the first prize being a holiday here in paradise. The lucky winner will be notified at 4pm on Sunday the 25th of March on the last day of The Big One, after drawing the winning ticket via a live feed on our Facebook page. We will also be offering discounted rates for all holidays booked and paid for at the shows either with a deposit or payment in full. We look forward to meeting any new customers and of course seeing regular customers and friends. Please feel free to approach the Gillhams Fishing Resorts stand and discuss your dream fishing holiday with any one of our team members on hand.

We still get lots of couples and families enjoying the small any method lake on site here at Gillhams Fishing Resorts. Lots of different species in our any method easy catch lake, many anglers enjoy taking a break and having an hour or two knocking up the species tally. If your family fancy trying their luck but don’t wish to sit it out for a big fish or even worry about fighting such big fish than this lake is perfect.

The fishing has been slightly harder this month with fish numbers lower than usual but still plenty of big fish being landed. Below is a list of the 100lbers that have come out through February.

The Siamese carp although haven’t been on the feed as much this month have still made lots of anglers’ dreams come true with a total of 257 Siamese carp being caught with 61 Siamese carp over the magical 100lb. The arapaima have also been quieter this month with a total of 28 landed, which included 18 over 100lb, four over 200lb, one over 300lb and five over 400lb. The mighty Mekong catfish have been feeding well this month breaking anglers with a total of 46 Mekong catfish landed with 35 over 100lb and eleven over 200lb. We’ve also had four Asian stingrays to 140lb.

So that’s enough of all the nonsense. Let’s get down to business and find out what’s been caught and which species have been landed. The anglers who visited us for the exotic fishing Thailand has to offer had some good fishing in Krabi this month with a total of 597 fish caught of 19 species, made up as follows: 28 arapaima to over 400lb, four arawana to 9lb, eight alligator gar to 85lb, 129 Amazon redtail catfish to 86lb, three Amazon stingray to 35lb, four Asian stingray to 150lb, 58 Asian redtail catfish to 56lb, six bighead carp to 25lb, six barramundi to 8lb, 26 black pacu to 42lb, one Chao Phraya catfish of 90lb, two giant gourami to 5lb, five Julian’s golden carp to 59lb, 46 Mekong catfish to 240lb, three ripsaw catfish to 40lb, one Rita sacerdotum of 45lb, 257 Siamese carp to 170lb, eight tilapia to 10lb, two tiger shovel nose catfish to 35lb.

Unfortunately that’s all we’ve got time for this month. We’ll see you again next month with more captures and stories of what’s going on over here in paradise. As always, we would like to apologize to anybody who we missed out of the newsletter, as we can only write about so many. For those of you planning a return or first trip, please send us your enquiry via our enquiries page or email us at

Tight lines from all of us at Gillhams Fishing Resorts. We hope your next fish is the one of your dreams, which it probably will be if you come to Gillhams!