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Krabi newsletter March 2010

Hi to all our readers following this fishing in Thailand series. The fishing in Krabi improved towards the end of the month. During the middle of March the temperatures soared, with the lake’s upper layers rising to 33C or 91F in old money! We had to fit emergency pumps to circulate the lake water. We are lucky to have depths up to 8m plus seven natural springs, which gives our lower water layers constant temperatures around 15C (59F), and the new pumps circulate the lake water, bringing temperatures down and the fish back on the feed.

The final show on my tour this year was the Visma held at the Ahoy Centre in Rotterdam, and this gruelling show is held over four days. Once again my good friend Leo of Carps Cabin was kind enough to let me use a large part of his stand to display our many pictures. Leo is also coming over to Gillhams this year, on honeymoon with the delightful Sylvia. Our dear friends Betty and Wil once again gave up their precious time to help, and without their help this show would be a struggle for me. Betty is an absolute godsend at these shows, and I am sure she could sell sand to the Arabs! The first two days were very slow but Saturday and Sunday improved dramatically. There was tremendous interest in Gillhams and 12 holidays have been sold to date as a result from this show. Once again entertainment was provided by my good friend Ronald of RTV Hengelsport, who is another of my Dutch friends visiting Gillhams soon.

I have also been visiting our sponsors topping up on all the latest goodies, and Free Spirit, who supply our rods, have redesigned the 6lb tc Cat Tamer rod for us. The new rod now has bigger eyes for casting large heavy baits, we have finished testing the rod and the new ones are under production and should be with us by the high season.

We are also proud to announce our latest sponsor, Pure Fishing, who own many top brand name products including Penn reels. They have supplied us with the new 760L Live Liner reel, and the power of the drag on these reels is awesome. We tested these reels for six months prior to taking them on, and trust me they are the ultimate big fish reel. I would like to thank all our sponsors for their support and confidence to put their products into the best big freshwater fish venue on the planet. As well as the two companies above, our thanks go to Gold Label Tackle, Richworth baits, Solar Tackle, Fosters of Birmingham and The Tackle Box, Dartford.

Being away from Gillhams for six long weeks is tough, especially as I miss my little fella Jack growing up. I also have to rely on getting told all the latest news from the resort, which accelerates my homesickness! At Christmas my girlfriend Benz bought me four female and two male guinea fowl to join my existing lesbian pair. Apparently they have all nested, and are sitting on eggs. Now if that lot hatch we should have guinea fowl on the menu next year!

I also had an email from the gay fishing guide Scott aka Bruce. Apparently the Gay Pride event down under went with a swing, as I suppose it would! Scott and Bruce had a tiff with Phil McCavity so he is off the scene, but at the annual poofters ball they met a fellow traveller who has joined the team Major Bumsore. Scott is having problems with his Visa in Oz so is threatening to return to us for the high season, and he will be welcome as long he leaves his two travelling companions behind – ooh, maybe I should rephrase that!

Sean will take over the newsletter from now, after the final piece by me. Gillham’s Gripe? Well, what can I say? I haven’t been at the resort, so my only gripe would have to be about agents who sell tours. We deal with some great agents who are not greedy and are happy to have Gillhams on their books – companies like Anglers World and Angling Direct in the UK and Angling Adventures Australia. These companies are bonded and arrange all your flights; they have invested huge sums to give you a full package, so please support them. If you are coming to Thailand and wish to fish every other venue worth fishing, then look no further than the oldest established operator who put Thailand on the world fishing stage – Fishing Adventures, Thailand. All these are long-established, honest companies, unlike some of the new breed of supposed fishing holiday operators, who want to do next to nothing and take high percentage rake-offs. They have a minimum investment, and they take anyone onto their books as long as they can make money.

We have the best freshwater fishing resort in the world with a top reputation – not hard to sell you would think. But these mongs want the same percentage they take of low rate fisheries. They put a small ad in several magazines, not naming a specific venue, and then sell whatever holiday they make the most on to the unsuspecting public. They claim to spend thousands on advertising, and they probably do, but that is to sell many venues, not one. When we refuse their terms they get aggressive and rude, so to all you twats that have been approaching us telling me I would be a fool not to pay you obscene commissions, go build your own resort for a small fortune, run it, maintain it and stock it. My final word to these parasites who invest little and sell trips to venues you can book yourself, then leave us to deal with the inquiry and travel arrangements: “Don’t call me, I’ll call you.”

Over to Sean…
We have some new guests here at the moment who have made their own accommodation on the side of bungalow D3. Obviously they wanted something with a lake view and next to the pool – the new tenants are a family of swallows, and everybody has taken a liking to them, even Kevin, who has the job of putting them back every time one pushes the other out.

Also another newcomer is the tarantula that has made his hole in between the second and third bungalows. He will not be removed, as he’s not one for wandering; he just lives in his hole he has made in a flowerbed and ambushes and eats unsuspecting insects that pass his hole in the evening, which is also how brown fingers Matt came to find him. He was taken out one evening for a photo shoot simply by putting a blade of grass down his hole, and after he gets hold of it he wont let go, letting us pull him to the surface to click away, and then return him safely. It’s funny how Matt found this hole in the ground and understood that by sticking things inside a dark hole at night it would not let go.

The heatwave continues, and the water levels are still dropping due to no rain and the amount of water needed for the garden. Every customer is wishing for a storm to really turn the fish on the feed. I was surprised when our prayers were answered and a big storm was approaching, and every customer barring one reeled in and packed up for the day and ran to their bungalows. The one guy that stayed caught the fish he had come for in the shape of a 110lb arapaima, but after taking photos and seeing the amount of fish rolling due to thunder, lightning and the first rain in months, Anthony Revell stayed and cast back out, and within minutes was rewarded with yet another arapaima around the same size. So after sitting around moaning for weeks that we needed some rain to help the fishing, all but one ran for cover but the one that stayed was rewarded with his wish list fish times two.

Gillhams guides and helpers:
Steve “for f—– sake” Smithers, our happily employed English chef, is still performing well, considering. Due to a quiet spell he is having three to four hours a day sitting on his arse, and he is still huffing and puffing when he occasionally has to do a little bit of work, even though most people in the evening eat Thai food. It’s funny because you don’t hear Benz huffing, puffing and shaking her head, and mouthing Steve’s famous words (“Oh for f—– sake!”).

Matt the brown-fingered gardener has also been helping out on the lake this month on days where we were busy and I was doing bits in the office. Matt had obviously come from the same Walt Disney fishing school as Ashley Scott, as Matt came up with the same great idea as Ashley did the previous month. He asked, and I quote, “Since the heat is slowing the fishing down, could I get the garden team placed around the lake with hosepipes spraying water over the lake? The fish would be fooled into thinking it was raining and come on the feed.” What a tool – only a fool would think an idea like that would actually work (bless him). Kev is still working harder than ever trying to catch people their dream fish, but recently was demoted to match angler fishing guide as a group of Americans came for a day at Gillhams fully load with four kids who were going to fish for Java barb. Four-year-old Karl had Kevin to play with all day, to whom he enjoyed giving orders to saying, “Hey dude, come and cast my rod out again. I still haven’t caught anything even though Kylie the superstar Java barb fisher girl is hauling them in!”

I’ve now got a helper from Sweden, Daniel, who was on a trip here last year, and then wanted to return this year to help and have a chance at working with these stunning fish. First impressions were not good, and I honestly thought he would not make it through the first week, let alone five. Daniel arrived eager to start and full of life. His first question was not about the fishing, but it was about how far away the beach was, because he wanted to go there the following day (his first day at work!). He also stated how he has been wanting to do this job as a good way of getting of the sofa, as he’s put a lot of weight on due to being a couch potato. Not exactly what you want to hear from somebody who has come to work; it’s not the best “Will you employ me” speech.

The first day came round and yes, you guessed it, Daniel was a no-show and he was still in bed. The second day Daniel shocked everybody and was out of bed on time to start at 6am, but the following morning he didn’t come out of his room until everything was set up and people had started fishing. Unlike most people in this situation he wasn’t even in a rush to get started. I heard him dragging his feet up the path and without even an apology he just said, “Morning” with a big yawn, and carried on walking. That was it for me, so I informed Daniel that there was a taxi in half an hour taking customers to Ao-Nang for the day, and he would be in it! At first he was excited because he thought due to how hard he had been working he was being rewarded with his day at the beach, but he was soon to learn that actually he was being told to f-off, sorry, I mean asked to leave, as he was here to work and if he wanted a holiday go and have it elsewhere. I was actually quite surprised when he got very upset and started pleading with me to give him a second chance, as he really wanted to prove to himself and to me that he could do this job. After thinking this over for a couple of minutes I came to the decision that I didn’t have anything to lose, as the next time he was late or caught not doing anything he had already had his warning, and that would be that – he could just go.

Over the next few weeks Daniel really proved himself. He was up in the mornings working hard trying to help people catch their dream fish, and with the way the weather has been it wasn’t always easy, but he gave it 100% every day. Never did a customer have a bad thing to say about him, apart from when Steve “Wingnut” Littlechild hooked into a fish and Daniel had to run and help. He was pissed off when the hook pulled, but not because the customer had lost the fish, but because he had to stop eating his lunch, and what a waste it was to then go and lose the fish. I would like to say now that Daniel, after you were sacked you made a vast improvement and worked well, and I hope this has given you that kick up the arse that we all need in life sometimes. So whatever you go onto doing with your life, I wish you all the best and hopefully we’ll see you again sometime whether it be fishing or helping.

So onto the catch report. 31 anglers came for fishing holidays in Thailand, ranging from three to 12 days, with 26 anglers fishing on day tickets between their Krabi holidays. Despite the conditions, they managed between them all to catch 555 fish of 21 species, made up as follows: 63 arapaima to 300lb, six alligator gar to 30lb, 96 Amazon red tail catfish to 80lb, 19 Asian red tail catfish to 28lb, 38 black pacu to 35lb, four Chao Phraya catfish to 65lb, one giant gourami of 10lb, two giant featherback to 15lb, 15 Julian’s golden prize carp to 30lb, 11 Mekong catfish to 140lb, three mrigal to 10lb, 13 rohu to 18lb, four tambaqui to 40lb, five spotted featherback to 8lb, 230 Siamese carp to 90lb, five striped snakehead to 4lb, 25 shovel nosed spotted sorubim to 30lb, four shovel nosed tiger catfish to 18lb, one striped catfish of 10lb, six wallago attu to 17lb and four wallago leeri to 25lb.

Martin Hodgkinson came to Gillhams for the first time, arriving at the end of February leading into March. Only booking eight days’ fishing but 14 nights’ accommodation Martin was leaving the other days for looking around Krabi’s many tourist attractions and day trips, but like so many others before him all his plans would change when he started fishing. Martin is an angler that fishes all round the world for all kinds of fish species, and always finds time to check out the local sites and attractions, but Gillhams is a place where once you come through the gates and start fishing it is very hard to reel in and leave, as Martin found out. The other days booked off for sightseeing soon ended in extra days fishing, even having to borrow money off friends and family just to keep the lines wet, as he hadn’t allowed for these extra fishing days. At the end of his stay Martin had landed 36 fish of ten species including Siamese carp to 60lb, Amazon red tail catfish to 45lb, and three Julian’s golden prize carp to 28lb, but his biggest catch was a 240lb arapaima, which was caught as well as his 60lb Siamese carp in the extra days he had booked, so it goes to show that if you put the time and effort in and stay focused anything is possible in this fishing game, and your dream fish is sometimes only a rod length away. Already, along with many others, Martin is planning his return trip to this fisherman’s paradise.

Barry and Fran Sayers arrived at Gillhams for their two-week dream holiday of fishing, sun, sand and sightseeing, or so they thought. On arrival they were keen to get a couple of hours’ sleep due to all the travelling they had done, and as Barry had only booked five days fishing there was no hurry to wet a line. As they were shown to their bungalow they realized that they didn’t even have to leave Gillhams, as everything for a peaceful dream holiday was actually all inside this paradise resort. Their bungalow was right next to the pool, the views are amazing, the gardens stunning, the food in the restaurant was first class, and the fishing, well, that speaks for itself. After a short rest and freshen up Barry and Fran went for a walk around the lake talking to other couples and fisherman and trying to get their head around what they were seeing, from the stunning mountain views surrounded by national park to the beasts of the deep rolling on the water surface and jumping to the sky.

Barry did manage to stay away from his rods for the first day, but was very keen to get started for 7am the following morning. Barry, just like Martin, couldn’t manage only fishing the five days; he had booked and ended up fishing another five, just leaving a couple of days to do a couple of day trips and a small amount of shopping to keep Fran happy, even though Fran had said she was not bothered about leaving the resort, as she was happy sunbathing around the pool and talking with the other ladies (probably about us strange buggers all sitting around the water’s edge trying to catch that monster fish, only then to have a pic, give it a kiss, and let it go again). At the end of their stay Barry had managed to catch 29 fish of seven species, including Siamese carp to 65lb, Amazon red tail catfish to 70lb, Chao Phraya catfish to 65lb, and the biggest was a 200lb arapaima that actually came on Barry’s 60th birthday – not many people can top that for a birthday present. Sadly their two weeks went way too fast, and it was time to leave, but retired Barry has already booked his return trip for November this year, and whether the delightful Fran can get the time off work or not, Barry says he will be here with or without her!

Steve and Cheryl Pilborough were on holiday travelling around Phuket, Phi Phi and Koh Lanta then onto Gillhams, staying for three nights, and fishing by the hour. They found out about us after their friends, John and Sue Hymes, came for a week’s stay last December. Steve was just fishing odd hours, with a couple in the morning and three to four hours in the evening. In the hours he did here he finished with just four fish, but out of these four fish he caught his biggest fish, so it wasn’t all bad. Due to very hot temperatures the fishing wasn’t at its best, but as every fisherman knows it only takes that one special fish to come along and all your prayers could be answered. Steve and Cheryl are also planning their return trip, looking at maybe September to November when the weather is cooler and the fish are feeding better.

Mike, Harry and Jackie Wright came for a ten-day trip after Jackie booked it for a surprise for husband Mike and son Harry. Arriving in the dark they could not quite see how beautiful the surrounding area was until the morning. On the first day of their trip they struggled, and neither of them caught, but like they said it’s called fishing, and it was only their first day. With his spirits up for the second day, a move was in order, and within an hour Harry caught his first fish, which was a Siamese carp. Later Mike also caught his first fish so they were both off the mark. As the days went on the weather proved too much for Harry, and he ended up spending his days in the pool and around the restaurant with Jackie while his dad battled it out in the daily heat. At the end of their stay Harry had caught three fish of two species while Mike had gone on to catch 15 fish of four species. They are now in the process of booking their second trip in November.

Dave McIntyre and Andrew Hoosegood came to Gillhams with their holiday itinerary all mapped out, splitting up their fishing holiday with sightseeing. After a slow start they ended up catching a couple of fish, and by the end of their trip they had caught and landed between them 29 fish of eight species, both landing arapaima, with the biggest falling to Dave at 180lb.

We had a family group book for a days fishing; the group were American but lived in Brunei working in the oil industry, and the group was made up of five people fishing for big fish and four kids fishing for mini species. On their arrival we got the group fishing as quickly as possible, and while getting them set up there were a couple of arapaima caught on the far bank, which led to a lot of excitement. About an hour later the youngest member of the big fish team, 13-year-old Branson Williams hooked into a train that took off down the lake, and with all his best efforts there was not much the young lad could do but hold on until the fish was ready to come in. After about 15 minutes the fish was safely in the net, and Branson was thrilled to look down and see a 90lb arapaima. Later on two of the other five big fish group caught – Karin had a 25lb Siamese carp, and Branson’s dad, Darryl Williams, also caught a Siamese carp of 40lb. Unfortunately they couldn’t all catch a fish, but the four kids had a good day also catching silver barb, especially one young girl called Kylie who caught 23 silver barb and lost a couple of others.

John Butcher came to Gillhams after hearing about us from a mutual friend, none other than Mekong world record holder, Rob Maylin. John also brought along his friend, fishing buddy and employee Mark Ferris to join him for a week’s fishing holiday. Mark was quick to start on arrival by plumbing depths and finding spots, and due to his ambitious start he forgot to apply the sunblock. He would soon find out the hard way, like Les Bamford did, just how strong the sun is in Thailand. After that afternoon and the following day had finished Mark’s feet started looking like a polished tomato and then got worse from bleeding and more sun exposure, topped off with frequent dips in the lake for photos with fish. It was not until the afternoon before flying home that Mark thought it might be a good idea to go to the hospital and get his feet checked out, only to find out that it was probably not advisable to fly the following day.

Luckily Mark was here with his boss so there were no thoughts about him trying to get more time off work just to fish for a bit longer, but there was one problem – due to the Chinese New Year all flights were booked apart from an upgrade one week later for which Mark would have to pay an extra £2,000. So he had no choice but to cram his swollen feet into a pair of shoes and hope nothing went wrong on the flight home. During his fishing Mark caught ten fish of three species, the best catches being 50, 60 and 65lb Siamese carp. He also lost a few fish due to overexcitement. On one particular fish he struck, and tightened the clutch so tight until it could not turn any more. He then announced the drag was broken, as it was still loose, but actually he had the bait runner on which was why line was so easy to pull off the reel! Not checking drag settings and trying to stop monsters in their tracks were his other downfalls.

John on the other hand was just into chilling out, wetting a line and enjoying being away from work and taking everything in that was around him in this fishing paradise. Fishing the other end of the lake to Mark due to seeing many arapaima rolling in one corner, John caught four different species, but unfortunately the arapaima, even though they were rolling all over his baits, did not get tempted on this trip. But it was not a total loss for John, as he caught seven fish and even helped us remove another Chao Phraya catfish. As well as this, he demolished our Jack Daniels stock, so all in all he just took the trip as a break from work in our relaxing angler’s paradise, and vowed to return in the cooler months to take the lake and the Jack Daniels apart.

Dutch angler Sjoerd Kuiper made a return trip this month, and this time accompanying him was fellow Dutch angler, Johan. Geared up for a ten-day trip, the pair started outside their bungalow for the first two days before moving where they had seen a few fish rolling. Within one or two hours of the move Sjoerd was into one of his target fish in the form of a Mekong. Unfortunately it was not a personal best, but still it was a fish on his wish list. Johan on the other hand was struggling to keep a hook in his fish, and they just kept falling off, but by the end of his fishing trip he landed ten fish of five species including a beautiful Julian’s golden prize carp of 22lb. Sjoerd had a more successful trip, landing three of his four target species with one being a 60lb Siamese carp. He will be returning next year to get the arapaima he missed, and hopefully the 100lb Siamese carp he wants.

The Mitchell family invaded us this month… Sam Mitchell was in Krabi on his honeymoon with new wife Claire, and then dad Robert and wife Jill were flying in and fancied another go at Gillhams. Roberts’s brother John and wife Selina, also returning customers, flew in from Hong Kong to join in on the fun. The fishing-mad family brought some friends with them too, including first time fisherman Jerry Muttemani and his family. Unfortunately Jerry could only get a day’s fishing in because they were only away for a few days, and he wanted to spend time with his family, but he did manage to catch his first fish, a pacu of about 10lb, and then a Siamese carp of 28lb, so for Jerry the trip was a success. Sam the newlywed angler also caught a few, including an arapaima of 85lb that left him with a bigger smile on his face. In all the group of seven anglers caught 27 fish of eight species in their two-day trip.

Garry and Fran Hipple joined us for a 14-day holiday, with Gary booking eight days fishing, planning on fishing two days then breaking for a day and so on, but finding out the first two days was busy on the lake, he decided to sit back and wait while watching the lake to see which areas were fishing better. On the long awaited third day Gary couldn’t wait to get started. The first three days saw Gary slaying the Siamese carp, but he could get nothing else – not that he was complaining; a fish is a fish, but like so many others he really wanted to catch an arapaima plus other species. Later on he moved swims and started catching a nice variety of species including the dream fish, an arapaima of 110lb, and two others of smaller sizes. While Gary was fishing, wife Fran was busy chilling out around the pool with the other wives and going on the odd trip with Gary if she managed to drag him away from his rods. When it was time to leave we had a tally up on Gary’s fish, and he had caught 35 fish of seven species including a 60lb Siamese carp, 110lb arapaima, and also a 50lb-plus Amazon red tail catfish along with others, so another very happy angler with a successful trip.

Terry “Poppa” Eustace squeezed in another short trip this month with six days’ fishing, and still the elusive featherback avoids capture for Terry. Another fisherman, Janis, was only interested in arapaima and after setting up outside his bungalow purely for convenience he hooked into five and landed four, plus a featherback, which in his own words, meant nothing to him. After explaining that old Poppa had travelled thousands of miles to catch one, and they are very sought after fish, Janis just shrugged his shoulders and said, “Do you want me to have a picture with it then?” In his three days fishing, Janis caught four arapaima, six Amazon red tail catfish, one feather back, one pacu and one sorubim catfish. Unfortunately I don’t believe he understands that he had a good trip, plus with the rising temperatures he actually had a very good session, as the lake was not fishing its best. Terry just can’t seem to get past his same old species – every time he comes he catches the same species while most people come for a week or two and on average catch nine species, sometimes more, Poppa has only ever caught that many species in all the trips he has done here! At the end of Terry’s trip of five days fishing, due to one day spent in bed with a hangover, Terry caught and landed ten fish of the same old species, but this time he did manage a personal best arapaima of 220lb, beating his previous PB by about 10lb. Well done Poppa! We will see you again in June when hopefully you will get some new species in the form of a world record featherback – you deserve it, old mate.

Antony Revell booked Gillhams through Anglers World and hadn’t even checked the website out until after paying his deposit also joining him was wife Lisa and daughter Abbie. When they had finally looked at the website they knew that this was either going to be a great holiday in a stunning location with monster fish or a Photoshopped website and nothing else. After arriving at Gillhams and talking with other guests and looking around, their question was answered; it was indeed going to be a great holiday in a stunning location with monster fish. Before they were shown to their room they decided to have dinner then get an early night so the following morning Antony could get started with his fishing, leaving Lisa and Abbie to start on their tans.

On the first morning, Antony was into a fish within an hour, and what a start indeed, as after about ten minutes of mayhem a stunning 65lb Siamese carp rolled into the net. Top of Antony’s wish list was, like so many others’, an arapaima. They were on the feed and people were catching them around him, but by the sixth morning he still hadn’t had the chance of trying to land one of these beautiful prehistoric monsters of the deep. Then, with a very long awaited storm overhead, and with lighting ripping through the dark, rumbling skies and other fishermen running for the safety of their bungalows, Antony put on a brave face and sat it out. This was what we had been waiting for, and no sooner had Kevin packed the umbrella down after nearly doing a Mary Poppins over the mountains than Antony’s buzzer screamed off, and with the other anglers watching from their rooms Antony’s first arapaima was landed, and estimated at around 110lb. There were thoughts of packing up and calling it a day, but there were so many fish topping and crashing in the excitement of the storm that he just had to have another cast. With the lighting closing in around the mountains, this was fishing for real men, unlike the fair weather fishermen wimps who were cowering under their rooftops.

The bait had been in the water for no longer than three minutes when once again a fish tore of up the lake. This time something had happened and the rod tip was bouncing like the fish had gone through a snag, so without a thought I was into the water and swimming out into the middle of the lake to find out what had happened. But as I got closer the line came free, and we realized that the sneaky fish was swimming the other side of the plateau in the deep gully, trying to cut the line and avoid capture. Another couple of minutes passed, the fish broke surface, and Antony couldn’t believe his luck, as it was another arapaima. This was the second in 30 minutes, and all thanks to the storm and Antony’s decision not to run and hide, but to take full advantage of what could possibly be the one and only storm and chance of a big arapaima of the trip. His second arapaima was slightly smaller than the first, and was estimated at around 100lb, but still this is certainly not a small fish, and it was the second arapaima of the trip and wish list complete.

While Antony had been fishing, Lisa had been chilling out around the pool with the other ladies, and while Lisa was relaxing and sunbathing, six-year-old Abbie had taken a liking to little Jack and all the animals that live on site here, such as pets like Monty the Burmese python, Al the albino python, Gizmo the slow loris and Helmet the dog, plus the baby birds that have nested on the side of their bungalow. Now Abbie is a member of Rainbow, which is kind of like the girl guides, and it’s their one hundred year celebration this year, so they have all been issued a purple rubber duck. The idea is to take it around with them and get as many different pics with it, and you can guarantee that Abbie will have the best rubber duck pics around, as she now has them with snakes, elephants, birds, Gizmo, Helmet, little Jack and even an arapaima and other fish species, plus many more sights and stunning backdrop pictures.

That’s it for another month folks. Take care, and we hope to see you soon in paradise. By the time you read this Gillhams will be closed until the 1st June, I will have left England and be on my fishing holiday in Australia. Before booking your flights please check with us regarding availability, as some dates are full and others are filling up fast. At the moment we still have some spaces for Christmas, but would advise you to book up fast.

To book your dream holiday Contact us by email on or by phone on +66 (0)861644554.
Best wishes from all at Gillhams Fishing Resorts.