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Fishing In Thailand Newsletter November 2014

Hi and welcome to November’s newsletter. We are sure you won’t be surprised to hear that it’s been another busy month down here in southern Thailand. But before I dazzle you with all the facts and figures I would like to say a few words, off topic so to speak.

I would personally like to thank Stuart and his family for giving me the opportunity to come out and work here at his fantastic fishery tucked away in the beautiful lime mountains of Krabi. Now the odd person who reads this letter may have heard of me from my carp fishing life back in England, and for the majority of you who haven’t I’ll quickly fill some spaces in for you. My name is Mike “Spug” Redfern – I get called a few things, but mostly it’s Spug. In the past I have written up Solar Tackle’s catch reports in Carp-Talk (English weekly magazine) between 1998 and 2001 and also Mainline Bait’s catch reports in Carpworld (English monthly magazine) from 2006-2014.

Alongside this I have written articles in every carp magazine that’s hit the shelves in England from 1998 onwards. Carp fishing has been my passion (as well as English heavy metal band Iron Maiden) for as long as I can remember, and I was lucky enough in 2001 to catch the biggest carp that up till now has ever swum in England, the mighty Two Tone. At the time I landed him it was the second biggest carp ever landed in England, and over the years I have caught a few English forties and seventy plus English thirties. I also wrote a book, which was released in 2009 called Carping Mad! So in a nutshell that’s my past, and hopefully it will put me on the right track to carry out my work here at Gillhams, which will be doing all the social media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, newsletters etc. When I am not doing that I will be helping out across the fishery, and I will also be coming back to do the odd European show, so if you see a new gormless bloke on the stand, the chances are that’s me, so come over and say hello!

Once again its show time! Gillhams Fishing Resorts are at the following shows;

Brentwood Essex 31st January 1st February stand number 68 in the main hall.



Zwolle Holland 8/9th February.


The Big One Farnborough Hants 21/22nd March .


The Northern Show Manchester 28/29 March, Stand number 105, hall 1.



Come and see us to discuss your holiday plans to visit the best fishery on the planet, as usual we will be offering discounts to anglers booking at the shows.

You can also purchase raffle tickets, every show we draw a winner for a weeks holiday at Gillhams.

We look forward to meeting you, and helping you to plan the ultimate holiday to the ultimate fishing resort.

The fishery has had a thumping month in November with over 800 fish landed with 21 different species of fish included in that total. The arapaima have been putting a good bend in lucky people’s rods with over 50 coming out, ten of which were over 200lb, with two of them over the magical 300lb mark. The Siamese carp have been keeping the guides busy too with over 200 captures including a staggering 28 90lb’ers and five different 100lb-plus topped by a clonking 120lb’er! One of the resort’s most desired fish is the Amazon redtail catfish, and they didn’t disappoint either, topping the figures of the most caught species and they just seem to be growing and growing, as we had quite a few over 70lb and an absolute monster at 90lb. Surely it’s only a matter of time before we have one landed over that milestone figure of 100lb?

Speaking of such huge fish the Mekongs made quite a few appearances this month. Nearly every capture is 100lb-plus and this month saw eight captures over 180lb topped by an arm aching 200lb’er! The Asian redtails are also getting bigger and bigger, with a good amount of them 35lb and over. Then of course it’s the weird and wonderful species that come along such as the arawana, ripsaw catfish, giant stingray, alligator gar, giant featherbacks, spotted featherbacks, giant snakeheads… the list is almost endless, and they all came along and joined in the fun this month. For the first 12 days of the month we had the whole complex booked out for a “Spug tours” trip (details following), and after that rabble had gone home then the fishery settled down to its normal coming and goings with customers from China, Austria, England, Holland, Wales, France and people travelling round Thailand, none whom could resist the chance of some of the fishing we have to offer. One thing that really struck me as people came and went is how this whole Thailand experience is so different for each and every individual or couple. For some it’s flat out on the fishing; for some it’s a honeymoon or a trip that coincides with a birthday or wedding anniversary, and then of course we have the general holidaymakers to whom it’s just as important to do the elephant trekking, the ATVs or spend time down in Ao Nang at the beach, enjoying trips out on the longtail boats or just chilling out round the pool, and I think I understand now more than ever why this really is a holiday destination for all and ultimately the reason why we see so many faces return.

Other news around the complex is we now have a gym built and filled with all the necessary equipment you’ll need for a good workout. Well if you have any energy left after fighting the monsters that is. Prices will be announced soon, and it will be available to all in the next week or so.

We also have a couple of new young’uns helping out for a few weeks, as John Anderson had to pop home for a week or two. Also we have had John Dunford on site videoing all the proceedings of recent weeks as he puts together a promotional DVD and some footage, which we can run on the stand at the shows. The bungalows are having a revamp with new, bigger and better wardrobes and TVs being fitted, so all things considered you can safely say the resort is evolving and maturing nicely with an ongoing policy of making improvements.

George the giant tortoise is often the center of attention, and this month was no exception as every few days he was seen heading at full pace (albeit at 1mph) past the office, as he clearly fancied going on his own holidays. But with Gollock on hand he never got too far away and seemed to get his photo taken quite a few times by customers. Our other wildlife story came in the shape of a rescue of a wild “bush pig”. The perimeter fence was cut in the corner of the sala side in order to help with some building works, and at some point our little friend must have come through the gap in the fence and quite simply fallen onto the ledge in the corner of the water channels.

Eagle eyed Jake spotted the furry little creature hiding behind some plants on the ledge, and quickly Sean was on hand as they attempted to catch our dazed and confused friend and release him back into the wild. Becky and I took on the role of advisors to the rescue, but like the pair of girls we are, we both stayed well back, photographed the event and tried to ascertain exactly what we were trying to rescue. When we saw its little round nose Becky promptly announced that it was “definitely a bush pig”, however a later search of Google images was to reveal it was actually a hog badger. Sean and Jake had a little bit of chasing to do, but after a while Sean managed to lasso the scared and tired beast, and then it was simply a quick lift out of the corner and a chuck of the rope to Jake as he then pulled the badger back up the slope, through the hole in the fence, and our furry little friend ran off into the trees none to worse for the whole experience. Sean was delighted to have saved him, as he would have certainly died up there on that ledge. “That’s made my day!” he announced grinning from ear to ear, “I will do anything to save an animal” but we really know he still feels bad for pulling the wings off flies when he was little and he’s just making amends. Now on to the catch reports

The anglers who visited us for the exotic fishing Thailand has to offer had some good fishing in Krabi this month with a total of 806 fish caught of 21 species, made up as follows: 59 arapaima to 360lb, seven arawana to 10lb, four alligator gar to 40lb, 210 Amazon redtail catfish to 85lb, two Asian stingray to 120lb, 89 Asian redtail catfish to 46lb, 18 black pacu to 35lb, one Chao Phraya catfish to 90lb, five giant gourami to 7lb, two giant snakehead to 9lb, four giant featherback to 20lb, 22 Julian’s golden carp to 35lb, 58 Mekong catfish to 200lb, two Nile perch to 8lb, two ripsaw catfish to 14lb, 20 red-bellied pacu to 18, five spotted sorubim to 32lb, four spotted featherback to 8lb, 268 Siamese carp to 120lb and three tambaqui to 42lb.

First up is the Spug tours trip where 14 off us booked the whole complex! Cool huh?

James North is a vey experienced angler, and prior to making his trip out here he had already landed 100lb-plus catfish from three different countries in Europe, and it didn’t take long before he was getting amongst the biggies. Within a couple of days he had Siamese to over 50lb and arapaima to over 200lb, although he didn’t quite get the final catch shot he was hoping for, as the arapaima leapt straight out of the cage and did the off! Luckily for us John our video guy was on hand to catch the whole thing on film, and it’s all on our YouTube page “Gillhams Fishing Resort”, and there is some superb footage of the incident. It was no surprise that the action didn’t stop there for him, and he went on to land Amazon red tails to 75lb, black pacu to 38lb, Siamese carp to 70lb, a clonking giant featherback of 19lb, Asian red tails to 30lb and then another two arapaima, one of 220lbs and another at a mouthwatering weight of 325lbs. At one point he was quoted as saying, “Thanks, Spug. Other than getting married, this has been the best day of my life.” Amazing how happy it can make you when you get the shot you were dreaming of with a huge ‘arry! “Northy” as he is affectionately known didn’t want to go home as he enjoyed it so much, but a little birdie tells me he has rebooked already, so we look forward to seeing him again.

Robert Banes had been to Thailand before although he never fished, and being a keen all round angler he was hoping to catch anything that came along as well as making the trip an all round holiday, but it was the Amazon redtails that he really hoped to catch, and he wasn’t disappointed as he landed six of them weighing 40lb, 50lb, 55lb, 60lb, 65lb and 70lb! His good fortune didn’t end there either, as he also landed an arapaima at 140lb, two Siamese carp of 60lb and 65lb then an Asian redtail just under 40lb and followed that with a nice red-bellied pacu. Next on the agenda was elephant trekking and seeing the sights in Ao Nang including the awesome long tail boats and cocktails on the beach. Banesy finished his trip off nicely with a few float fished Julian’s carp from the top lake and made friends with little Jack, which obviously led to some great photo opportunities for us!

Lawrence ” Casper” King made his third trip to Gillhams and fished really hard for the Siamese carp, as he hoped to bank a monster of 100lb-plus, and although he didn’t quite get there he managed a very impressive haul of 18 Siamese carp with four over 80lbs, the biggest weighing in at 88lbs. Amongst these he also landed three Mekong catfish over 150lb with his biggest at 170lb, an Amazon red tail of 35lb, Amazon stingray at 60lb and then a couple of trips up the top lake produced a fantastic tilapia of 6lbs and some nice Julian’s carp. Lawrence loves it out here that much that upon returning home he has quit his job and we look forward to seeing him join us as a guide in March 2015! He caught loads of fish in the end and went home with the cup for most fish caught.

My school reports pretty much read, “Michael has the ability but really needs to knuckle down and stop messing about,” and if ever there was a sentence that summed my holiday up, then it was this one! Knowing that I would be staying on after the holiday I didn’t really try that hard and just wanted to chill out and relax, especially when I found some goggles and a snorkel in a shop in Ao Nang, and I was swimming round in circles in the pool every day! Although I didn’t actually make the start of the day’s fishing on any day, and neither did I fish to the end on any day, I managed a giant stingray of 30lbs, Siamese carp of 80lb and 95lbs, and I managed to land my first Mekong at 120lbs. I was delighted to land some red-bellied pacu to 20lbs and made a few trips to the top lake, which I love fishing and caught some tilapia and Julian’s carp, which was great because I hadn’t caught those species before. I then managed a 20lb Amazon red tail on a float rod, good sport that’s for sure!

Ben Eglen is a well-respected carp fisherman from Norfolk and has a string of big UK carp to his name. He relished the thought of catching some big monster fish over here, and within hours he was stuck into a hard fighting Mekong catfish, which literally took him from one end of the lake to the other. Then 30 minutes later it decided to escape! Ben was not a happy man, and after a few days of catching Siamese carp to 95lb, arapaima to over 100, Amazon red tails to 30lb, a giant featherback of 10lb, then a spotted sorubim of 20lb followed by an arawana of 3lb, he then decided it was time to man up and float fish for a big Mekong, as it was time for revenge. His revenge came with a superb fish of 130lb and then a couple of days later another one of 110lb rolled in the net. Being the angler that he is he also decided to have a bash on the top lake and was rewarded with a string of Julian’s carp, talapia and pacu.

Mark Hudson accompanied Ben Eglen, and although not a fan of flying by any stretch of the imagination he made the journey without incident and raring to go. After a few initial nerves it seemed like the fish were raring to go too, as Mark went on to win the trophy for the most amount of different species caught on the trip including two arapaima to 160lb, four Siamese to 70lb, four Amazon red tails to 63lb, Asian red tail of 45lb, two Julian’s carp to 13lb, red-bellied pacu to 6lb, a giant featherback of 20lb and a spotted featherback of 8lb, plus a few species from the top lake.

Self confessed angling trainee Duane Shorey came along to see the sights of Thailand and hopefully catch just one monster. Well he wasn’t disappointed and enjoyed the elephant trekking greatly. We noticed that he couldn’t get in the river fast enough to give the sad elephant a good scrub up! Next up on his “to-do list” were the longtail boats out of the beach at Ao-Nang followed by cocktails! After absorbing some of the sights and culture of this beautiful country he made a concentrated effort to try to catch his monster fish, which wouldn’t be too hard, as he had previously only ever landed a small trout on a fly rod! Well as you can imagine he was delighted when he landed a cracking 75lb Amazon then a couple of Julian’s carp, a pacu and then a 25lb giant stingray! Duane, by his own admission, didn’t have a clue what he was doing, but he sat down and listened to the advice given and made a concentrated effort for a few days to catch one. Everyone was really made up for him when he did so. He loved Thailand that much that as I sit here now writing this he’s back over already!

Darren Davies made the journey down from Wales, and although we promise no jokes were cracked about there being a welcome in the hillside, we can reveal that he really filled his boots with Amazon red tails to 55lb, Siamese to 50lb, Asian red tails to 25lb, Mekong to 145lb, Amazon stingray to 50lb, pacu, tilapia, Julian’s from the top lake, and then three of the mighty arapaima to a jaw-dropping biggest fish trophy winning weight of 360lb! Alongside Darren was Matt George who fished hard and barely left his sala. Although he had a bit of a shaky start Matt soon got it right and landed Arapaima to 150lb, Siamese carp to 85lb, Amazon redtail catfish to 60lb a giant featherback of 10lb and a red-bellied pacu.

Richard Deeks or “Wreck It Ralph”, as he is lovingly referred to, had a week from the leftfield. It started off with a superb alligator gar of 25lbs, and the next thing we know he has locked on to a hard fighting Mekong catfish that really dusted him over and won the day, so full of revenge and determination when he hooked his next Mekong the day after, Richard wound the clutch right down and locked on “man and beast” – no need for the “pussy belt” with this man mountain and the battle commenced! Yet again luckily for us John the video guy was right on the scene when the Mekong decided to hit overdrive, and before Richard knew what was happening the rod was torn from his big hairy hands and went flying into the lake at 100 miles an hour. The rod then proceeded to catch the other line, so he quickly grabbed the other rod and managed to pull the escaping rod up in the water enough for Chris our guide to swim and collect it. With the rod placed firmly back in his hand the sad realisation set in that another Mekong had escaped. This did nothing but fuel the fire of revenge, and Richard decided to grab one of the float rods and set his stall out to catch one. Day four came, and he was quickly cast out and spodding pellet round the float. The bite came fairly quickly; the battle commenced, and it was third time lucky for our intrepid piscator. It was screams of joy 30 minutes later when he netted the Mekong and got his own back. The rest of the week seemed to go more normally, as Richard went on to land an arapaima of 110lb, Siamese up to 90lb, Amazons up to 40, Asian of 15lb, red-bellied pacu of 14lb and just to prove it wasn’t a fluke, he caught another Mekong at 110lb on the float and pellet method.

Finishing off the Spug Tours 2014 trip were Lee Stocker, Liam Overall and Torren Darroux, and between them they landed some cracking fish including most of the main species each, but most noticeably Torren with his second fish ever, which was a 90lb Siamese carp!! Oh, and we couldn’t finish off without mentioning Allan “Pringle” Pike who completely “smashed it” as he said, but no pics I am afraid, as he doesn’t like any publicity!! Now bearing in mind we had some good anglers, some non-anglers and some lazy anglers it was still a pretty impressive tally of different species, and nearly 200 fish were caught.

It was with a heavy heart that I watched my friends load up and go on the Monday morning. All of them had a great time, caught the fish of their dreams and most of them have rebooked already! So it was job done and time to get on with some work!

Long term carper and Gillhams regular Nick Roberts came over to relax and enjoy a few Tiger beers as well as catch a few fish on his own terms. By that he meant have an early start in the morning and be raring to go for 7am then fish hard with regular recasts until it got hot around 1pm, then he baited the swim up and went for a shower and proceeded to have a couple of cold beers, rest the swim for a couple of hours then get back on it for the last few hours. Well, it seemed like this wasn’t a bad tactic for our lovable “Cockney geezer”, as London’s finest tree surgeon landed eight Amazon redtails, most of them huge with a couple topping 80lbs, arapaima to 250lbs, Mekong including a PB of 170lb, Siamese carp to 85lbs and then the icing on the cake for Nick was an arawana, a new species for him, and he was absolutely buzzing when he caught it. In fact we can confirm that we saw him rubbing his hands together and repeating the words “Luvverly jubberly” after the fish was safely returned, all in all it was a fine display of relaxed holiday angling.

Dave Geary and Sonya Williams from Chigwell in Essex came over for their first trip to sample the delights of southern Thailand and of course to catch some monster fish. They spread their time evenly between fishing and sightseeing, and really did enjoy the full experience that Thailand has to offer with some amazing pictures of the temples and beaches and some superb catch shots too! The week started when Dave hooked into an enormous stingray and the battle commenced. Now Dave is a big solid muscular chap and he dug his heels in and literally went head to head with the monster on the end of his line and a battle royal commenced. Gollock ended up swimming out to try and raise the wings of the ray as it sucked down on the lakebed, and slowly but surely Dave fought the fish to the edge, and right at the point of slipping the ray into the cage, it had other ideas and managed to escape.

Dave had already said, during the fight, that he knew there was a slim chance of landing it, and it is a credit to the person he is, that as it slipped away, he said “Well, that’s fishing for you” and took it on the chin like a real man would! But their story is not one of woe, as in only a few days’ fishing Dave went on to catch Amazons to a mind boggling 85lb, arapaima to 120lb, Siamese carp to 50lb and Asian redtail to 20lb, which of course brings us onto Sonya. Sonya impressed everybody with her natural ability to get stuck into playing big fish; in fact we lovingly renamed her Lady Hearn, as she quite simply made short work of Siamese carp to 70lb, which luckily was filmed, and is up on our YouTube page, then a hard fighting 50lb amazon redtail and finally a 35lb pacu. Great angling from the two of them in the short time that they had, and we look forward to seeing them again.

Keith “The Tooth” O’Connor returned for his tenth trip in six years this month. For those of you who don’t know or remember, Keith was part of the legendary Savay syndicate rota called the “Loonies” in the eighties where for a lot of people, British carp fishing as we know it today really came into its own. It was the period that the hair rig came out, boilies were developed, and for the first time ever, 30s started to be caught on a regular basis. Rod Hutchinson, Rob Maylin and the Famous Five, Martin Locke, Albert Romp, Andy Little etc all cut their carp fishing teeth then on this famous water, and the stories that surround this lake and that era have been documented and revered for years. In fact there are quite a few people who have said that right then at that time, on that lake, was the best carp fishing that England ever had or will have… praise indeed.

Well, Keith got stuck in straight away and embarked on a strategy of regularly recasting and rebaiting his rods. Every day he was changing his hookbaits from boilies to pellets to maize (if the runs weren’t coming). His work rate was phenomenal, and even though there was the odd day when the carp just weren’t feeding, Keith flew the flag for the old school and smashed it with an amazing haul of 26 Siamese carp, of which 12 were 80lbs or over with two over the magical 100lb mark, the biggest being a PB for him at 120lbs! If that wasn’t enough he also landed Mekong catfish to 160lb, arapaima to 150lb, Amazon redtail to 50lb, pacu to 25lb, Asian redtail to 35lb and a spotted featherback of 8lb – a very impressive haul we are sure you’ll agree, and a perfect example of effort equals reward.

Stretton Honor is a regular visitor here at Gillhams Fishing Resorts, and he comes with one thing on his mind – big catfish! He just loves them, and is also very good at catching them. In the few days that he was here he skillfully landed seven Mekong to 200lb, three of which were 150 or more, and a Chao Phraya of 90lb. His knowledge and understanding of catfish, how they feed, where they feed and when they feed is probably second to none, and the capture of the Chao Phraya was a real eye opener for some on the lake at the time. Knowing that the Chao Phraya likes to strike at fry, Stretton fished a bare hook under the float and kept baiting up around the float, knowing that they would be striking at the fry, and sure enough he got the take and the rest is history! He also went on to catch a 150lb arapaima, Siamese to 85, Amazon redtails to 40lb and a couple of cracking arawana to 7lb.

Ashley Rich and Nick Parkinson decided a change from the usual French carp fishing trip was in order, and what better place to come than the stunning Krabi area and the host of monsters that Gillhams have to offer? For these two it was as important to see the sights as catch the fish, so in between visiting the beach, going elephant trekking and watching the king cobra show in the local town of Ao Nang our two piscators from Sussex managed to get amongst some superb fish as well. Ash had a load of Amazon redtails to 65lb and arapaima to 140lb, Nick had a great tussle with a Mekong of 110lb and an arapaima of 250lb, which he backed up with some others including Siamese carp to 85lb and Amazon redtail to 60lb. By the end of their stay Ash and Nick were blown away by the whole experience of a holiday at the resort, and they left us with smiles on their faces, but were also gutted to be leaving. As they said goodbye they promised they would return in a couple of years, but that all changed in less than a week because they have rebooked for next year telling us they can’t wait that long!!

Andy Cartwright is a very experienced all-round angler who travels to Thailand regularly and has an array of amazing captures under his belt. He just loves the weather and the thrill of catching all the different species, so he is always keen to have a real go at the fish and see what comes his way. Being the thinking angler he is, Andy likes to chop and change his styles of fishing and try new methods and baits, so although not here for a long period of time, it came as no surprise to us when he caught an array of fish including arapaima to 180lb, Siamese carp to 85lb, ten Amazon redtail catfish to 55lb, Asian redtails to 25lb, Mekong to 180lb, red-bellied pacu to 30lb and then a ripsaw catfish just under 20lb. This was a superb amount of fish considering the amount of rod hours spent actually angling, and we look forward to seeing him shortly – very shortly in fact, as he’s back out here in less than a month!

Mathias Prellwitz came over from China with his girlfriend for just a few days to celebrate his birthday and hopefully catch a present or two from the lake. Well, in true Gillhams style the lake didn’t let him down, and he had string of cracking fish at amazing weights including Siamese carp to 110lb, Mekong catfish over 180lb and Amazon redtail to a staggering 90lb, but the icing on the birthday cake just had to be the fish he dreamed of catching, the mighty arapaima at a very respectable weight of a 150lb, and yes, you’ve guessed it, on his birthday! He was grinning from ear to ear when he blew out the candles on his birthday cake in the restaurant that night, which we are pleased to announce we all got a slice of too!

Martin Filer has been travelling round the whole of Thailand seeing as many sights and gaining as many experiences as he can, and after visiting Chang Mai, small villages to the north of Bangkok, caves, Buddhist temples and some beautiful scenery to the north, the only thing that was missing from his list of things not to be missed in Thailand was of course a trip to the stunning Krabi area and a few days angling here at the resort. As time was short for Martin he just wanted to catch a big Siamese carp and maybe an arapaima or anything that came along really. Well his dreams became reality when he netted Siamese to 80lb, red-bellied pacu to 20lb, black pacu to 20lb, Asian redtails to 30lb and topped it all off with an arapaima of 140lb, which he caught on his last and busiest day after buying himself a bag of chicken hearts, which led to his buzzers screaming all day. His bags were packed and ready to go in his sala, and he didn’t want to leave, but time ran out as his Thailand adventure continued, and our last memory of him was running to catch the taxi with a big smile on his face – brilliant – just the way we like it!

All round angler Kristian Roschel came over from Austria with his girlfriend and her sister. He was always going to be happy with anything that graced his net; however he made it very clear from the outset, that if he only caught one fish then he wanted it to be an arapaima whilst the girls sunbathed by the pool, relaxed and left him to get on with his fishing. The first couple of days saw an Asian redtail landed and two epic battles from the mighty Mekong, which unfortunately both resulted in losses for him, but unperturbed he carried on plugging away and managed to land three Siamese carp to 68lb and then a few Amazon redtail to 65lb. Then it was his birthday, so it was a day off quad biking and a trip to the beach, then getting back to the fishing, and he continued to pull in some more Siamese carp to 75lbs and Amazon redtails, then a Nile perch of 8lbs. Then he had two more epic tussles with the Mekong catfish, and pronounced that he never wanted to hook another again! However a bit of patience and perseverance paid off, and a very happy Kristian landed his dream fish when an arapaima rolled into the cage at 240lb. It really was a very special moment for him, and he was so happy that he was almost in tears. Keith O’Connor said that someone had put a coat hanger in his mouth, as he ended up looking like the joker from Batman with a grin that started from one side of his face and ended at the other, and it didn’t drop for at least 24 hours!

Well that’s it for November. I hope you enjoyed my first addition to the Gillhams Fishing Resorts newsletters and hope to meet many new anglers and make new friends over the next few months.

Once again many thanks to everyone who has fished here, and we hope to see you again in the near future. For those of you planning a return or your first trip please email Stuart or phone +66 (0) 861644554, please remember we are +7 hours GMT.

Best wishes and tight lines from us all at Gillhams, and we hope your next fish is the one of your dreams (which it probably will be if you come to Gillhams).