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Krabi newsletter October 2010

Hi to all our readers, and apologies if this month’s fishing in Thailand newsletter is not up to standard. This is due to my recent trip to hospital not leaving me much time, as I didn’t even want to write this Krabi fishing report until the test results were in. What a month for Siamese carp this has been! In one crazy ten-day spell we had two over 90lb, ten over 80lb and numerous 60 to 70lb carp for a month’s total of 402!

After my last trip to hospital I was extremely worried about this recent trip. What started out as a straightforward umbilical hernia operation developed into the most frightening period of my life! As you know several weeks ago the hospital removed a lump that was diagnosed as a very early cancer, and the very word cancer sends shivers down my spine with memories of loved ones and dear friends lost to this terrible disease. This trip was for more tests and to check the last removal was a success, plus to check behind my stomach ulcers, and then later the same day the hernia operation. After having cameras in every orifice once again, the doctor informed me that they would be removing a bad looking lump under one ulcer, and had taken samples from two more, so I was crapping myself when they wheeled me into the operating theatre. I came round at 9pm, sore and worried sick. After waiting for the longest week of my life, the doctor phoned with the biopsy results. The colon test – the removal of the last lump on my last visit was 100% successful, and the lump they removed this time plus the two other lumps they took samples of were 100% clear. The relief was so intense, I actually cried. I still have to stay on a very bland diet for six weeks to clear the ulcers away, but who cares? I’m not going to snuff it yet. Big G doesn’t go upstairs that easily, and they wouldn’t want me downstairs – they couldn’t handle me! The celebratory drink can wait till Christmas! The plus side of all this, apart from making me appreciate life, is that I have lost two stone. I have been extremely moved by the hundreds of messages from friends and clients, so thanks to you all. Your good wishes meant so very much to me, and I was deeply touched to know so many people cared about me. I am a very lucky man for sure.

With all that going on I hardly made any notes, and neither did Sean to be honest; it all seemed insignificant, but here goes an attempt at this month’s newsletter… As our gardens mature thanks to Matt’s expert care, so more wildlife appears in this safe sanctuary we have created, and every month we are seeing more animals, reptiles and insects. We have all kinds of birds taking up residence here including kingfishers, hummingbirds, sea eagles, water birds and various exotic finches etc, that you would normally only see in aviaries at home. Every time I walk around I see many kinds of lizards: water monitors, skinks and dragon type things. I really should make an effort to find out what I am seeing. We even have two spotted geckos that have made the restaurant area of the resort their home and are guarding nine eggs, so fingers crossed that there will soon be more.

One animal in particular that we found, or should I say Helmet the dog found, is a rare and endangered monkey-like species known as a slow loris. These beautiful little wooly creatures are native to Southeast Asia, but are fast becoming extinct due to large forest areas being destroyed, and they are being sold on the black market as pets. The loris was grabbed during one of Helmet’s walks around the lake, when it was making a risky move across the grass to another tree. Fortunately he was unharmed, as Helmet only wanted to play. He was rescued by Rebecca and released in another part of the resort in a big tree away from people and the dog. Those of you who have been here before will be aware we have one of these delightful creatures as a pet. He is called Gizmo, was born in captivity, and probably would have liked a friend, but we believe wild creatures belong in the wild. This one just stayed a night to recover, and after a breakfast of baby food was released unharmed.

While on the subject of wildlife, Phil Escott has now proofread the website, but while doing so came across another of my classics. I had written ‘water foal’ instead of ‘waterfowl’. Phil loved this one as he had no idea there was a breed of aquatic horses and that their young ones were in danger of being eaten by certain fish! Mind you, after proofreading even he failed to notice in our restaurant section that on Sundays we do a “Roast Bee” dinner!

(Proofreader’s note: Now, you know that was down to your comedy website guy uploading an old version from before I’d proofed it… just for a change! Since Stuart has accused me so unfairly, I must also mention that he originally described the slow loris in the last paragraph as a ‘slow lorries’. If I had known that Helmet was hard enough to tackle heavy goods vehicles I would have given him a very wide berth during my recent stay. See what animal identification nonsense I have to contend with from Mr. G every month? I’m not looking forward to the impending chaos as he starts his research into lizard species! – Phil.)

This month our new chef Adam has started, or should I say finally started, as it took him three days to get out of his pit before 5pm! Adam has added some new dishes to the menu, plus we now get a daily specials board. He also tests the smoke alarms on a daily basis by forgetting things that are cooking and smoking out the restaurant! Anyone wanting to test out Adam’s breakfasts needs to wait until at least 10am, as he is still having problems with his head. Apparently if you go out partying till the small hours and drink sambuca by the bucketful it makes your head too heavy to lift off the pillow! Apart from his nocturnal problems, Adam’s food is superb, and once he realizes that the clients are on holiday and not him, we should have the best European food in Thailand!

Joe, aka Fishcake, our UK fishing guide, unfortunately did a disappearing act this month; he planned an escape Houdini would have been proud of! One evening he hid all his things outside the gate and went out with the lads for a drink. Disappearing in the small hours, he sneaked back, grabbed his things, and went without a goodbye or a thank-you. He had fallen head over heels in love with a girl he met here on holiday, and after a three-day romance decided to just dump his lifelong friends and head back to dear old Blighty to join his new love! As he didn’t leave a note or any messages, we presumed he was missing in action down in the town, and we were extremely worried. Everyone joined in the manhunt, and even customers gave up their day’s fishing, thinking something terrible had happened to him. After a day of checking every hospital, police station, ditch and gutter, plus all of his many lady friends of ill repute, it was discovered he had just done the off! Oh well, I suppose he had his reasons, but it would have been nice to be told and have said goodbye to someone I have known since his childhood.

Many of you will be pleased to hear that Scott Morley, aka Bruce, seized the opportunity to return and take Fishcake’s old job. Good old Scott jacked his job in, rushed around getting visas and as this newsletter is being typed is winging his way back to his old job! Also stepping in for a return stint is Orange John, the world famous tortoise racer. John is a guide for Catmaster Tours on the River Ebro in Spain, and he has worked here before during Catmaster’s winter season, so by mid-November we will be back to full strength on the guide front!

Sorry folks, but Gillham’s gripe is missing this month, as it seemed out of place to write a load of whingeing and moaning after this month’s events. To be honest I am so relieved to be alive and well that I don’t really give a shit about silly bastards who don’t listen, can’t fish, and complain about only catching fish to 100lb, or two fish a day when others who put in the effort are catching ten! (Oops, I am nearly back on the soapbox!). I could have also mentioned Alf ‘Garnett’ Wicks here, but he can get a slating in the catch report, which leads me nicely onto… the catch report…

The total catch for the month is as follows: 830 fish of 23 species, made up as follows: 35 arapaima to 380lb, five arawana to 9lb, three alligator gar to 30lb, 176 Amazon red tail catfish to 80lb, 15 Asian red tail catfish to 40lb, one black shark carp of 10lb, 11 black pacu to 32lb, two giant snakehead to 8lb, one giant stingray of 120lb, five Hoven’s carp to 8lb, three Julian’s golden prize carp to 32lb, 32 Mekong catfish to 190lb, seven mrigal to 13lb, One piraaiba of 10lb, five rohu to 12lb, seven spotted featherback to 10lb, 402 Siamese carp to 95lb, nine striped snakehead to 3lb, 19 shovel nosed spotted sorubim to 30lb, five shovel nosed tiger catfish to 18lb, one striped catfish of 15lb,three tambaqui to 40lb, and seven wallago leeri to 20lb.

The first visitor this month was a friend from years back, Alan Atkins. Alan used to have the thankless job of organizing the Carp Society’s junior fishing trips. Now retired and living in France I met up with him after several years, two years ago at the Five Lakes Carpin’ On show and invited him to come over as our guest. Alan hadn’t seen Sean for 17 years and reckons that although physically Sean had changed, mentally he had stood still! While Alan was here he caught some cracking fish, and by the end of his stay had caught 41 fish of eight species, which included 22 Siamese carp to 86lb, arapaima to 110lb, 12 Amazon red tail catfish to 35lb, Julian’s golden prize carp to 32lb, plus Asian red tails, sorubim, Hoven’s carp and giant snakehead. After Gillhams Alan was off to Koh Lanta, one of Krabi’s neighboring islands to visit his niece, and then to Australia to stay with friends before returning to France in the New Year.

Malcolm Fry came to Gillhams with his wife Marion for 14 nights with seven days’ fishing, which soon turned into 14 days’ fishing as Malcolm got caught up in the magic draw of Gillhams. From here he headed off to Chiang Mai to finish the rest of his holiday. While here he caught 38 fish of five species, which included amongst others, Amazon red tail catfish to 50lb, arapaima to 200lb, and Siamese carp to 65lb. While Malcolm was fishing Marion would spent her days relaxing around the resort pool taking in the beautiful surroundings and on occasions she even managed to drag Malcolm away from his fishing to go elephant trekking, island hopping and Thai massages.

The next visitor was someone I have swapped hundreds of emails with but had never met – Phil Escott. He is the proofreader for Big Carp magazine, my monthly ramblings and now our website. Accompanying Phil was his much better half, Detta, and daughter Amelia, who quickly became the love of Jack’s life! Jack actually became a pest as he constantly pursued Amelia around the resort pulling up her top and smothering her with kisses… I wonder who he takes after? While here Phil was just fishing odd hours with a couple of hours in the morning and the same in the evening, allowing him to spend time with his family and see the many sights Krabi has to offer – elephant trekking, island hopping, beaches and shopping to name a few. As all the fish Phil would be catching here would be new to him he wasn’t bothered what he caught or how big the fish were, which is just the attitude you need to come here. During Phil’s stay he caught 19 fish of five species including Siamese carp to 85lb and arapaima over 200lb, plus a nice 40lb tambaqui. Even Detta ended up having a go at fishing and landed a Siamese carp. Phil’s threat to cut off his dreadlocks turned out to be an idle one, as the coward refused what would have been his first haircut since 1989!

Last year we had a visitor on a day ticket who vowed to return for his arapaima, and after much planning and sweet talk to her indoors, Jeremy Peck arrived with his son Ross for a week’s fishing. Jeremy was a very naughty boy, as he got so into his fishing he failed to check in with ‘she who must be obeyed’. I have been told not to mention this event, or the phone he forgot to press the ‘hang up’ button on after his rollocking, so I will stop now. Throughout their stay the father and son fishing match was on. During the first couple of days things were even, but things soon took a turn and Ross streaked ahead showing the old fella up and firmly establishing the pecking order! By the end of the trip Jeremy had been battered on all fronts, but still landed 20 fish of five species, even though the arapaima avoided him as much as his missus did when he got home! Ross ended his stay with an impressive 43-fish six-species haul including a 75lb arapaima.

Kevin Hudson made a return trip to Gillhams after fishing for a week here last year, this time bringing with him Wayne Baverstock, the former owner of Mirror Pool, and now owner of Meadow Lake in France. They could only fit in a week so they were keen to pick a swim and get started. Kevin was mainly after the Siamese carp, but anything else that came along was welcomed. In his 23-fish catch Kevin caught 15 Siamese carp including a new personal best of 95lb, and one at 80lb. Kevin also caught arawana, rohu, Amazon red tail catfish, pacu and his biggest catch of the trip, a 160lb Mekong catfish. Wayne also had some good fish with the biggest being a Siamese carp of 80lb, and finished his trip landing 24 fish of five species. Wayne commented that Gillhams was the best fishing destination and most beautiful lake he had ever seen, and that, coming from a guy who runs two of the best fisheries in France, is some statement.

We also had the return of the retired porn baron Keith “The Tooth” O’Conner. Anyone who is over 70 will know Keith as one of the original Savay syndicate members and pioneer of Lac De St Cassien in France. Keith’s porn dealing even inspired the naming of a swim on the famous Savay Lake where he used to supply all the lonely blokes with magazines to keep them amused. After one delivery a nameless angler was caught literally with his pants down, so the area was subsequently called the Wanking Swim! Anyway back up to date, Keith returned once again, just three and a half months after his last visit, claiming he gets more excited about Gillhams than he has about any former fishing venues! As always Keith’s target was Siamese carp, and his ambition is to break the magical 100lb-plus carp barrier, as there are 11 known carp over that weight swimming around here at Gillhams. He chose the swim that was shunned by his mate last time he was here after the fella had come to the conclusion that there were no fish in it, only for Gillhams regular Neil Cobley to move in and as usual catch some cracking fish. Since then, this swim has actually been named Cobley’s!

On arrival Keith decided he wouldn’t fish, but he would get the plumbing rod out (“What’s that?” some of you may say…) and find the right location. Then he got the bait and rigs ready while having a few beers so that everything was ready the following morning for the seven o’clock start. Throughout Keith’s stay he managed some awesome fish, catching carp to 90lb and 58 others from 50 to 85lb. Fishing hard every day, Keith went on to catch a total of 72 fish of six species, which included Mekong catfish to 130lb, arapaima to 60lb, redtail catfish to 40lb and three mrigal carp to 8lb plus pacu to 18lb. Keith even returned for a few days at the end of the month to celebrate his 180th birthday! The 100lb carp eluded him, but can only be getting closer, and he is now planning his next assault. Keith was unlucky not to get in the world record books when a 15lb-plus spotted featherback jumped clear of the net and spat the hook, but he did get his birthday record in the shape of a piraaiba catfish, which was a lake record, and new species for both Keith and us at 10lb.

Then it happened… Alf Garnett’s twin brother Alf Wicks arrived with son Paul and “Uncle Fester” Dan “The Yid” Kuelsheimer! These lads are the highlight of the year – a laugh a minute. Paul is a very experienced angler, Dan is just a lucky bastard, and Alf is the most miserable complaining old git you could ever meet! More Gillham’s gripes apply to Alf than any other person, but as he is well past his sell by date we make allowances! Alf’s classic this trip was that since as all senile old codgers get incontinent, he developed nappy rash, and upon waking up one night and fumbling in the dark for his anti-irritation cream, he found the tube. After squeezing a generous portion onto his hand he rubbed it around his bum, but within minutes he was suffering the ring of fire, as it was only his Colgate toothpaste he had used! Now that must surely have been why Colgate promotes their product as giving you the “ring of confidence”!

According to Alf he could only catch small fish, but these small fish included Amazon redtail catfish to 45lb and Siamese carp to 70lb including two others over 60lb in his 32-carp haul! Put that with the 49 fish of seven species he landed from wherever he chucked and chanced his bait, and if that’s a poor result I would love to fish the waters he fishes at home! For Christmas this year his long-suffering son Paul is getting him a plumbing rod, plus his own personal slave to cast, bait up and strike for him!

Paul Wicks on the other hand checked his depths, found his marks, cast, baited up and struck his own rods to land seven Mekong catfish over 100lb with the biggest one going around 170lb, arapaima to 130lb and Siamese carp to 75lb. Paul also landed his biggest ever fish on a fly rod, which was a Amazon redtail catfish around 45lb. By the end of Paul’s trip he had landed 45 fish of nine species. Most of these fish were taken on his favourite salami sausage bait that he uses for barbel at home, which goes to prove trying new baits can pay off here and elsewhere.

Now “Uncle Fester” Dan claims he is a non-fisherman, but we reckon he secretly fishes at home and claims to be novice to show Paul up! Many other non-fishermen we get here seem to catch the biggest and the rarest fish, making it all look so easy. During Dan’s stay he landed 19 fish of six species including a giant stingray of 120lb, which he landed in ten minutes, unlike the one Paul hooked and pussied around with for over an hour only to lose! It just shows there are fishermen and then there are anglers! Top angling by the legend Dan also produced Mekong catfish to 130lb, arapaima to 150lb, Siamese carp to 50lb and Amazon redtail catfish to 35lb. Mind you, last trip novice Dan showed the Wicks family the way home with a 360lb arapaima.

On the same trip as Alf, Paul and Dan was laid-back Del, better known at home as Ladders. If anyone wants a cheap laptop see Del, as he has a contact who can get you one for 100 quid if you “love him long time!” Also if you drop your phone in a rose bowl he can turn it into an iPhone. On arrival at the airport Del also had to dump his boyfriend who had followed him over from the UK, but I am getting away from the fishing here! Del was once again back for a two-week trip and even managed a few hours’ fishing while he was here. The rest of the time he was out and about trying out some of the Thai culture and sinking a few cold ones. When Del did get a line wet he caught a few fish, one of which was a 200lb arapaima. Throughout the trip Del managed to land 15 fish of four species. Even though Del didn’t fish much he still caught a few, and had a good time doing it, which is what a holiday is all about. He is also writing an article, but we are not sure if its going to be on fishing at Gillhams, drinking at Noi 69 bar or shopping for iPhones and computers.

John Hamilton came for a four-day trip after spending two days with us last year. After a slow first day, John moved swims and the redtail catfish and Siamese carp started getting on the feed. Like most people, John’s wish list fish was an arapaima. The first arapaima to fall to him was 70lb, and John was a happy man, but then on his last day he landed another, and this one was the fish of a lifetime weighing in at around 220lb. At the end of John’s stay he had landed a total of eighteen fish of six species including an 85lb Siamese carp and a 50lb Amazon redtail catfish.

Rob Eustace was also back this month bringing with him his mate Paul and friend Bonnie Falco. As usual the trip was a mess before it even began due to Rob Useless organizing the trip and giving us the time and day of arrival in Thailand and then not showing up. We later found out the times and dates Rob had given were actually the time and the date he was leaving England, but then the flight was delayed so they missed their connecting flight from KL to Thailand. In the end Rodney… sorry, Rob… got here, and even though he caught some good fish, things went even worse for him. As he was too tight to get a proper massage, he decided to let a friend have a go, and this dodgy masseur managed to break his rib while walking up his back, leaving poor old Rob in a lot of pain for the rest of his trip. Rob caught up on some lost sleep, had some good nights out and even took lessons from Del on how to change a cheap phone into an iPhone! He had a relaxing holiday and landed just eleven fish of six species including a PB arapaima of 330lb and a PB Siamese carp of 60lb. Rob’s mate Paul put even less hours in than Rob by fishing about six hours in three weeks, and caught two Siamese carp, but at least Bamford still hasn’t lost his lake record of the least amount of hours fishing in a holiday. Bonnie didn’t fish much, but did manage to land Fishcake who actually weighed in at more than the 340lb arapaima she caught here last year.

Mr. Joe, who left the UK 17 years ago for a life in India in pursuit of his beloved mahseer, has been planning a visit to Gillhams for the last three years. Joe is the most knowledgeable man in the world on mahseer, and a guy I have been longing to meet as it’s a fish high on my “must catch before I snuff it” list. Everyone told me that I would either love or hate Joe, and he was told the same about me. From the first afternoon we got on like long lost friends as Joe has the same attitude as me and does not suffer fools. He came here with arapaima as his main target, followed by Amazon red tail catfish, but by the time he left he had increased his wish list to all 44 species in the lake! Joe arrived in the afternoon planning to fish, but by the time we got chatting the plan was forgotten, so the following morning he was up and out ready for the 7am start. Within half an hour he caught his first red tail catfish at around 30lb, and throughout the week Joe caught red tails in numbers. They had just shed their skins and were really getting on the feed, and he landed 35 up to 75lb, but still the arapaima were avoiding him. With arapaima rolling all over his baited area it was only a matter of time before he hooked one, but as is normal with arapaima, the first three fish dropped off, leaving Joe wondering whether or not he would ever land one. Due to how they feed at least sixty percent of arapaima hooked do come off. Eventually an arapaima made it to the net, and at 80lb Joe was happy. He went on to land four arapaima with the biggest at 160lb leaving a very big smile on his face. At the end of his trip Joe had landed 45 fish of six species, including a rare black shark carp, of which we only have two in the lake.

Peter Coetzee from South Africa came fly fishing for three days, and he fished nonstop from seven in the morning till dark. This is hard going when casting a fly all day on a 12wt outfit, but he stuck with it and fished hard. One of the main fish he wanted to catch on the fly was an arapaima, which he caught on his second day, but even after hooking his dream fish it still wasn’t easy due to the arapaima breaking through a fenced off area in the lake that’s protecting lilies from being eaten and destroyed by other fish. After a frantic fight with the fish crashing through fences and getting caught up in the lilies, we finally netted his fish, which was estimated at 80lb. During his stay Peter caught arawana, sorubim catfish and Amazon redtail catfish, and as he fished nonstop, he certainly deserved every one of them.

Alan Norman from Pattaya made another visit this month for four days, and caught 15 fish of four species with Siamese carp to 45lb, Amazon redtail catfish to 65lb and pacu. His top catch came to a smaller fish species, a Hoven’s carp, otherwise known as a mad carp, due to their habit of entering flooded fields in the rainy season and eating the local berries that fall from trees, which actually get them pissed so that they behave in some very strange and crazy ways. This Hoven’s carp was only a few pounds off the world record, weighing in at 8lb, making this a very special catch to Alan. It’s nice to see that not everybody is only impressed with the fish that weigh in at triple figures.

Gillhams resident angler Mike Bailey fitted in another fishing trip, and this time things went well for him. Only being able to squeeze in a four-day trip before going to India on another fishing holiday, it was a case of fish hard and bait harder, and after raising the lake by a couple of feet due to the amount of bait going in, it wasn’t long before the greedy Mekong catfish came to play. After just two hours of fishing Mike caught his first Mekong catfish, weighing in at around 180lb, just 4lb off the previous world record that was held here at Gillhams. Mike thought that his trip was complete, as after a fish like that things could not get any better, and anything else would just be a bonus. But he was soon to find out how big a bonus he could get. The following day came, and more bait and more fishing led to another Mekong being landed, this time smaller, but still hitting around 130lb, so the trip was going well. On Mike’s last day he hooked into another Mekong, which was even bigger then his first, going to 190lb, just 1lb short of the world record held here at Gillhams. By the end of his four-day trip Mike had landed 13 fish of four species, and apart from the Mekongs he also had Siamese carp, red tail catfish and a stunning shovel nose tiger catfish.

Our dear friend Johnny Swann came out again this month to try and beat his son Dan’s capture of a stingray the previous month here at Gillhams. Johnny was not after a stingray in particular, even though he wouldn’t turn one down; his heart was set on a Mekong catfish, a big carp or a personal best arapaima, but more than anything he just wanted to get away from everything, get some sun and relax. Little did he know he was going to get most of what he had wished for! There was no fishing for Johnny on his first night as he didn’t arrive here until late, so he just had something to eat and a sleepless night waiting for the following morning when he could once again wet a line at his favourite lake. The first day was slow for Johnny, so the following morning he moved to the opposite end of the lake, found his spot, baited up and worked hard. After a couple of days the swim he had chosen started fishing, and then in the afternoon of his third day his arapaima PB of 340lb was broken when he landed one of our big boys weighing in at around 380lb. John was speechless – never in his wildest dreams did he think he would be catching a fish like this beast!

Next off the wish list was the Mekong catfish, and Johnny had to jump in the lake and follow the fish seven swims up. When netted he had his Mekong catfish PB at 170lb. Johnny’s last day came round fast and a few more fish were landed, even another arapaima at 150lb, making it the third one of this trip. Johnny had caught 30 fish of six species during his trip, and also had everything he wanted, apart from the big Siamese carp. But then what fun would it be to always get what you want, plus it keeps him coming back for more. Now John is back in England, and it’s a race between his son Daniel and him for who will return first. As I reported last month Daniel went home calling himself Stingray Swann, which must mean Johnny is now ‘Arry Swann!

Mark Churcher came here last February on the Catmaster Tours trip, but unfortunately it was during a heatwave and although he had some good fish, the arapaima eluded him. Mark asked our advice on when to return for a chance of an arapaima, so we told him October, and he could just squeeze in a week, so plans were made. And what a result he had – five arapaima topped by a 380lb fish! He also landed 14 Amazon redtail catfish to 50lb, 11 Siamese carp to 55lb and two Asian red tail catfish to 30lb, which completed a cracking week for Mark who is now trying to see when he can return.

UK angler Chris Bell came for a day, and I think his email that follows says it all for me: “Hi Stuart. Safely back at home now and just a quick e-mail to thank you again for my day’s fishing. Your staff are a credit to you and work very hard at their jobs. To catch three fish of such proportions (topped by the 150lb Mekong) on the day was beyond what I had hoped for, and the specimen boys are envious to say the least at Climax Tackle HQ. Pictures are attached, and if you could use them on your next newsletter please do, as I would love to see my name up in lights. Let me know if you have any future job vacancies, as I do not mind forming balls of groundbait for all the idle tossers you seem to attract and justifiably moan about! If you ever build a new match pond stuffed with Java barb I am back in a flash… Cheers, Chris Bell (pole fishing numpty).”

Two other day ticket lads I must mention came from my old hometown of Uckfield in the UK. Sid Russell, who was visiting his mum and dad Mick and Sandy who live here in Krabi, came for a day with his friend Adrian Turner. They both went home with sore arms and promising to get fit in the gym before their return visit. They landed seven Siamese carp to 65lb, both commenting that UK fishing will never be the same again.

october2010_0196_Horizontal_ExhibitorThat’s me for another month. Don’t forget to put an entry in your diary for the Carpin’ On show at Five Lakes, Malden, Essex on the 5/6th March. We are on stand 125 opposite the bar (mine’s a lager!). The following week, the 12/13th March, we are at The Big One in Farnborough, stand 175. We will be selling raffle tickets at both events for the chance to win a free trip to Gillhams in Thailand, plus other goodies yet to be announced. Book on the day and get 2010 prices plus a 10% discount – now that is a bargain that won’t be repeated! Book early for 2011 to avoid disappointment, as places are filling up fast.
Best wishes from Stuart and all the team here at Gillhams Fishing Resorts, Krabi, Southern Thailand.