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Krabi newsletter March 2012


Hi and welcome to another month at Gillhams Fishing Resorts and Sean’s second monthly write-up. Hope you all enjoyed last month’s and if not don’t worry, as Stuart is now back and will be writing again next month. Talking of Stuart, he managed to get a few days’ fishing in after arriving back from the […]

Krabi newsletter February 2012


Hi and welcome to Sean’s February newsletter. For the next couple of months I will be giving you a break from Stuart’s ramblings and writing the newsletter myself as Stuart is freezing his nuts off in England with Jack and Benz while I’ve been left in Thailand to sweat mine off. It’s not all beach […]

Krabi newsletter January 2012


Hi all. Well, it was supposed to be a three-month break from the newsletters for me and a break for you, the readers, from me, but Sean forgot, so once again it’s down to me to write the first part of this fishing in Thailand newsletter, down to the catch report. So here I am […]

Krabi newsletter December 2011


Hi all from Gillhams Fishing Resorts. Once again it’s time for our monthly report on the fishing in Thailand. The fishing in Krabi this month has once again been on good form and the new pellets have surprised us in the way the fish have taken to them so quickly. It seems that every fish […]

Krabi newsletter November 2011


Hi once again from all at Gillhams Fishing Resorts. It’s newsletter time, our monthly report on the fishing in Thailand. The fishing in Krabi this month has once again been good – the lake has fished well this year. Our dry season is kicking in as I write this report and the warmer temperate species […]

Krabi newsletter October 2011


Hello to everyone following our fishing in Thailand newsletter. Another month has passed by before we know it and Christmas draws closer. Talking of Christmas, due to people unnecessarily worrying about the floods 800 kilometers away from us we have had numerous cancellations, which has left us with spaces for December and Christmas. As these […]

Krabi newsletter September 2011


Hello all. Once again the time has flown by and it’s time for the fishing in Thailand newsletter. This month’s report on the fishing in Krabi will be short, as I have some personal issues that are causing me to have writer’s block. I am having to write this newsletter between hotels and the resort […]

Krabi newsletter August 2011


Hi, all. Time just seems to fly – no sooner have I finished one newsletter than it’s time to start the next one. Once again the fishing in Thailand has been good with many new and existing clients coming fishing in Krabi. The weather has been strange – we get several nice sunny days and […]

Krabi newsletter July 2011


Hello once again and welcome to another fishing in Thailand Krabi newsletter. As Gillhams becomes more popular we are getting many weeks fully booked, and we continually have to turn people away as we are full. Some may say this is a nice position to be in, but for us it is not nice having […]

Krabi newsletter June 2011


Hi once again to all our readers of this fishing in Thailand report. As you know the fishing in Krabi was closed throughout May, which is something we have done for the last two years due to the extremely hot conditions. Once again this May had lots of rain and cloudy days, and it seems […]