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Krabi newsletter June 2008

Hello once again to our readers, and many thanks to you all for reading my monthly ramblings. An even bigger thank you goes to all of you who have booked holidays here at Gillhams with us. June has now passed, and with it some serious rainstorms, which were good for flushing out the lake. We […]

Krabi newsletter May 2008

Hi again to all our readers, and many thanks to all of you who have booked your holiday with us here at Gillham’s Fishing Resorts. After last month’s hot weather we caught the tail end of the cyclone that hit Myanmar – nothing drastic, just high winds and welcome torrential rain, as the unpleasant temperatures […]

Krabi newsletter April 2008

Hello to all our readers. The month of April has been a strange one. April is the hottest month before our rainy season starts; some days have been unbearably hot, and the fish have been very lethargic. As we get ready to change over to the rainy season we get short rainstorms with strong winds […]

Krabi newsletter March 2008

Hi once again to all our readers, and don’t the months fly by? It seems like only yesterday I was freezing my bits off in the UK. It is great to be home once again in paradise, sitting in my office overlooking the lake, and being distracted by monster fish crashing and rolling, plus calls on the radio summoning me to the lake to assist with netting various

Krabi newsletter February 2008

Hi to all our readers I expect you are all looking forward to the arrival of spring. By the time you read this news letter I will have returned back to paradise away from cold miserable England. First of all I would like to thank all of you who have took the time to come […]

Krabi newsletter January 2008

Happy new year to all our readers from all of us here at Gillhams. Well January has got off to a good start with 174 fish landed by 34 fishermen and fisherladys. Or were they all fishermen? How about this for some tactics by well known celebrities, First out of the bag is our dear […]

Krabi newsletter December 2007

High everyone and welcome to a wet & windy new year! That’s if you are in the UK as I am. This weather reminds me why I departed these shores Sean does not help telling me of the beautiful weather I am missing in Thailand which only makes me more homesick, still its only till […]

Krabi newsletter November 2007

Hi everyone from sunny Thailand, yes the rain season is over the last 2 weeks has been rain free with temperatures in the 90’s perfect weather to get the Mekong cats on the munch. November started out with few anglers on the lake and the last of the rains coming through we had some of […]

Krabi newsletter October 2007

Hi everyone sorry there was no September news letter this was due to nobody fishing the lake except for Sean and I fishing one evening for a short session when yours truly hooked a Giant Mekong Catfish weighing in at 72 kgs the beast which took one hour to land was caught on a Richworth […]

Krabi newsletter August 2007

Sorry I have not been in touch for a while only we have been so busy here, what with having Terry and Joe here for 5 days fishing, also 2,500 squire meters of grass to lay and 40 new trees to plant not to mention trying to get the builder to move his self. Our […]