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Krabi newsletter July 2011


Hello once again and welcome to another fishing in Thailand Krabi newsletter. As Gillhams becomes more popular we are getting many weeks fully booked, and we continually have to turn people away as we are full. Some may say this is a nice position to be in, but for us it is not nice having […]

Krabi newsletter June 2011


Hi once again to all our readers of this fishing in Thailand report. As you know the fishing in Krabi was closed throughout May, which is something we have done for the last two years due to the extremely hot conditions. Once again this May had lots of rain and cloudy days, and it seems […]

Krabi newsletter May 2011


Hi to all of you who follow this fishing in Thailand Krabi newsletter. I would like to thank our brown-fingered gardener Matt for compiling the last two newsletters in my absence; I personally thought he did a grand job apart from his gripe column, which was just too tame! As Gillhams is closed through May […]

Krabi newsletter April 2011


Hello again everyone, and welcome to this month’s fishing in Thailand edition of the fishing in Krabi Newsletter. I hope you all enjoyed last month’s writings and ramblings, and if you didn’t- tough luck! Since Stuart and Sean thought I (Matt the Gardener Guide) did such a good job with last month’s installment, they decided […]

Krabi newsletter March 2011


Hello everyone, and welcome to this edition of the fishing in Thailand Krabi newsletter. There is one big change to this edition, that being it has not been written by the normal authors, Stuart and Sean. No, this month it has been left in the hands of Matt, Scott, Gollock, Becca and Dave to compile […]

Krabi newsletter February 2011


Hi once again to all our readers of the Krabi newsletter, and once again my apologies for a late and short newsletter. This is due to my being busy in the UK with trade shows, plus having my little son Jack with me in England due to his mum not being well. To say life […]

Krabi newsletter January 2011


Hello once again to all our readers of this Krabi fishing newsletter. With Christmas out of the way and New Year’s Eve a fading memory, it is into 2011 we go. Sorry for this newsletter being shorter than usual due to us being short staffed; I am actually having to work this month instead of […]

Krabi newsletter December 2010


Happy New Year to all of our friends, clients and potential clients following this fishing in Thailand Newsletter. The fishing in Krabi has been patchy as we change from the wet season to the dry, but on the right days some cracking fish are being landed. It is now at last coming into the dry […]

Krabi newsletter November 2010


Hi to all our readers following our Krabi newsletter. As I write this we are 17 days away from Christmas, so it’s appropriate to wish you all a happy Christmas and prosperous New Year. I especially hope it’s prosperous for you all, as then you can come and sample the best freshwater fishing in Thailand […]

Krabi newsletter October 2010


Hi to all our readers, and apologies if this month’s fishing in Thailand newsletter is not up to standard. This is due to my recent trip to hospital not leaving me much time, as I didn’t even want to write this Krabi fishing report until the test results were in. What a month for Siamese […]