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Krabi newsletter June 2010


Hello again to all our readers of this fishing in Thailand Krabi newsletter. After a seven-week period of being closed to give the fish and staff a well-earned rest, the fishing in Krabi got underway again on the 1st of June. Gillhams’ new season is now underway, and the first morning started with an explosive […]

Krabi newsletter April 2010


Hi to everyone following our fishing in Thailand Krabi newsletter. As I write this newsletter we are closed until the 1st June. The catch report will be short, as we closed on the 17th April, plus the lads did not write any information out for me. The weather is still hot with very little rain. […]

Krabi newsletter March 2010


Hi to all our readers following this fishing in Thailand series. The fishing in Krabi improved towards the end of the month. During the middle of March the temperatures soared, with the lake’s upper layers rising to 33C or 91F in old money! We had to fit emergency pumps to circulate the lake water. We […]

Krabi newsletter February 2010


Hello to all our readers following this fishing in Thailand series. The fishing in Krabi has been very patchy with many guests struggling as the heatwave continues. Thailand is suffering the hottest weather ever recorded (unlike the UK where I am freezing my nuts off!). The drought conditions caused by proper rain for 16 weeks […]

Krabi newsletter January 2010


Hi to everyone following our ‘Fishing in Thailand’ Krabi newsletter. January was a very hot month making the fishing difficult on some days. We seem to be following last year’s pattern of a heatwave in January/February, if the pattern continues we are expecting a deluge of rain in March/April. The arapaima fishing in Thailand always […]

Krabi newsletter December 2009


Happy New Year to all our friends, clients and potential clients following this fishing in Thailand series. The fishing in Krabi picked up towards the end of the month as the dry season sets in and the temperatures settle down. The weather actually goes from one extreme to the other; we went from lots of […]

Krabi newsletter November 2009


Hi to all our readers Christmas is nearly here and as Decembers news letter won’t be out till after Christmas I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a happy Christmas and hope that you make lots of money so you can come and visit us here at Gillhams! Do you […]

Krabi newsletter October 2009


Hello once again to all of you following this fishing in Thailand newsletter. This month has seen an increase in people coming fishing in Krabi as the wet season comes to an end and the dry peak season kicks in. Gillhams Fishing Resorts is now the official number one fishing destination in Thailand. Thanks to […]

Krabi newsletter September 2009


Hi all, it’s that time again, to read the latest Krabi fishing news in this Fishing in Thailand series. What a month this one has been – my son Jack in hospital with bronchitis for three nights was a situation I would never want to go through again. He is 100% ok now, but kids, […]

Krabi newsletter August 2009


Hello all. How fast time flies by here in paradise, as once again its time for the latest Krabi fishing news. For all of you following this ‘fishing in Thailand’ newsletter, thanks for your support and encouragement. It never ceases to amaze me just how many people follow my ramblings, but it is nice when […]