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Darren Hunt arapaima 527lb

Name: Arapaima (pirarucu)
Species: Arapaima arapaima
Thai name: Pla tjon Amazon
Biggest known fish: 600lb
Lake rod caught record: 560lb
Average weight: 180lb
Diet: Fish, pellet, frogs, animals and birds

Alligator Gar


Name: Alligator gar.
Species: Atractosteus spatula.
Thai name: Pla jonakay.
Biggest known fish: 80lb
Lake rod caught record: 80lb
Average weight: 25lb
Diet: Fish, waterfowl, squid, frogs.

Amazon Red Tail Catfish


Name: Amazon red tail catfish
Species: Phractocephalus hemiliopterus.
Thai name: Pla Amazon dang.
Max length: 2m.
Max weight: 100kg.
IGFA record: 56kg 123lb-7oz.
Diet: Fish, pellet, boilies, squid, shrimp, scavenger of almost any food item.


Spug arawana 8lb

Name: Arawana.
Species: Osteoglossum bicirrhosum.
Thai name: Pla tapat.
Max weight: 8kg.
IGFA record: 6.5kg (14lbs 8oz.)
Diet: Fish, shrimp, prawns, frogs and insects.

Asian Red Tailed Catfish

Keith O'connor Asian red tail catfish 40lb

Name: Asian red tailed catfish.
Species: Hemibagrus wyckiodes.
Thai name: Pla kot dang.
Max length: 2m.
Max weight: 80kg.
IGFA record: Vacant.
Diet: Fish, frogs, shrimp, squid, scavenger of almost any food item.



Name: Barramundi (snook, giant perch, white sea bass).
Species: Lates calcarifer.
Thai name: Pla kapong kao.
Max length: 1.2m.
Max weight: 45kg (90lb).
IGFA record: 37.85kg (83lbs).
Diet: Fish, frogs, waterfowl, shrimp, crustaceans and squid.

Big Head Carp

Alex Brown Big head carp 40lb

Name: Big head carp.
Species: Aristichthys nobilis.
Thai name: Pla tjin.
Max length: 1.5m.
Max weight: 45kg (100lb).
IGFA record: 90lbs.0ozs-40.82kgs.
Diet: Water plants, banana, vegetables, insects, shrimp,
maize and boilies.

Black Pacu


Name: Black pacu.
Species: Piaractus brachypomus.
Thai name: Pla jermet dam.
Max length in excess: 1.5m.
Max weight: 40kg.
IGFA record: 24.9kg (55ib-0.)
Diet: Fruit, nuts, insects, shrimp, maize, bread, fruit boilies and pop-ups, pellet and occasionally fish.

Black Shark Carp


Name: Black shark carp (black shark minnow)
Species: Labeo chrysophekadion.
Thai name: Pla ka.
Max length: 1m.
Max weight: 12kg (25lb).
IGFA record: 13lbs.3ozs-6kgs.
Diet: Water plants, banana, vegetables, insects, shrimp, maize
and boilies.

Chao Phraya Catfish

Adam Thacker chao phraya catfish 90lb

Name: Chao Phraya catfish.
Species: Pangasius sanitwongsei.
Thai name: Pla tepa.
Max length in excess: 3m.
Max weight: 200kg.
IGFA record: 63kg (139lbs)
Diet: Fish, animals and birds.