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Jau Catfish

Name: Zungaro zungaro, or jau catfish.
Species: Pimelodidae siluriformes.
Thai name: Pla jauhoo.
Max length: 1.5m.
Max weight: 100kg.
IGFA record: 49.44kg 109lb.
Diet: fish, squid, shrimp, frogs, scavenger almost any food item.

Julian’s Golden Carp

Name: Julian’s golden carp
Species: Probarbus Jullieni.
Thai name: Pla yissok.
Max length: 2m.
Max weight: 70kg.
IGFA record: Vacant.
Diet: Aquatic plants, Insects, shellfish, prawns, maize, pellet, boilies, sticky rice.

Mekong Catfish

Name: Mekong catfish.
Species: Pangasianodon gigas.
Thai name: Pla buk.
Max length in excess: 3m.
Max weight: 300kg.
IGFA record: 117.933kg (260lbs), caught here at Gillhams Fishing Resort.
Diet: Plankton, plants, shrimp, sticky rice, boilies, pellet, cereal and maize.

Marble Goby

Name: Marble Goby
Species: Oxyeleotris marmorata
Thai name: Pla Bu.

Biggest known fish: : 5lb 8oz.
Lake rod caught record: 12kg (25lb).
Average weight: 3lb.
Diet: Fish chunks, pellet, worms, prawns, aquatic insects, mollusks, crabs and small fish.

Mrigal Carp

Name: Mrigal carp
Species: Cirrhinus cirrhosus.
Thai name: Pla nuan tjan.
Max length: 1.2m.
Max weight: 20kg (43lb).
IGFA record: 8kgs (17lb-10oz.) caught here at Gillhams fishing resort.
Diet: Water plants, banana, vegetables, insects, shrimp, worm, pellet, boilie, maize and bread.

Nile Perch

Name: Nile perch.
Other names: Giant perch, Victoria perch, African snook.
Species: Lates niloticus.
Thai name: Pla khapong perch Nile.
Max length: 2.5m.
Max weight: 250kg.
IGFA record: 104.32kg (230lb).
Diet: fish, frogs, crustaceans and waterfowl.

Ocellate River Stingray or Peacock-Eye Stingray

Name: Ocellate River Stingray or Peacock-Eye Stingray
Species: Potamotrygon motoro
Thai name: Pla kabeng Amazon
Biggest known fish: 80lb
Lake rod caught record: 65lb
Average weight: 40lbs
Diet: Giant Water Snail, Fish, Shrimp, Prawns, Crustaceans, Squid.


Name: Piraiba, or Lau lau.
Other names: Bagre blanco, blanco pobre.
Species: Brachyplatystoma filamentosum.
Thai name: Pla pireeba.
Max length: 3.6m.
Max weight: 250kg.
IGFA record: 155kg (341lb.11oz.)
Diet: fish, pellet, frogs, waterfowl, monkeys, scavenger almost any food item.

Red Bellied Pacu

Name: Red Bellied Pacu
Species: P. Brachypomus
Thai name: Pla Jaramet
Biggest known fish: 42lb
Lake rod caught record: 42lb
Average weight: 20lbs
Diet: Boilies, Pop ups, Fruit, Seeds & Nuts.

Ripsaw Catfish

Name: Ripsaw catfish.
Common names: Niger, black talking catfish, plated catfish.
Species: Oxydoras niger.
Thai name: Pla niger doradidae.
Max length: 1.2m.
Max weight: 40kg (90lb).
IGFA record: 21.5kg (47lb 6oz)
Diet: Shrimp, worm, molluscs, insects, maize pellet and bread.