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Chinese Seerfish

Name: Chinese seerfish.
Other name: Yellowcheck carp.
Species: Scomberomorus munroi. (Elopichthys bambusa)
Thai name: Pla bambusa.
Max length: 3m.
Max weight: 200kg.
IGFA record: 131kg (288lb 12oz).
Diet: fish, frogs, and waterfowl.

Common Carp

Name: Common carp.
Species: Cyprinus carpio.
Thai name: Pla nai.
Max length: 1.5m.
Max weight: 40kg (90lb).
IGFA record: 34.35kg (75lb 11oz).
Diet: Shrimp, maize, worms, and boilies. Sometimes fry feeders.

Firewood Catfish

Name: Firewood catfish.
Other names: bagre, achacubo.
Species: Sorubimichthys planiceps.
Thai name: Pla planicip.
Max length: 1.5m.
Max weight: 50kg (110lb).
IGFA record: 16kg (35lbs 4oz.)
Diet: Shrimp, worm, molluscs, fish and squid.

Giant Featherback

Name: Giant featherback (black featherback).
Species: Chitala lopis.
Thai name: Pla satu.
Max length: 1.5m.
Max weight: 25kg.
IGFA record: 9.8kg (13lb 6oz).
Diet: Small fish, shrimp, prawn, frogs, worms, crustaceans,and insects.

Giant Freshwater Stingray

Name: Giant freshwater stingray.
Species: Himantura chaophraya.
Thai name: Pla kabeng nam djut.
Max length: 3m.
Max wing span. 2.5m.
Max weight: 600kg.
IGFA record: Vacant.
Diet: Giant water snail, fish, shrimp, prawns, crustaceans, squid.

Giant Gourami

Name: Giant gourami (let).
Species: Osphronemus goramy.
Thai name: Pla let.
Max length: 1m.
Max weight: 14kg (30lb).
IGFA record: 19lbs.15ozs-9.05kgs.
Diet: Fruit, water plants, nuts, fruit, vegetables, insects, shrimp, maize and bread.

Giant Snakehead

Name: Giant snakehead (shadow tomen) .
Species: Channa micropeltes.
Thai name: Pla shado.
Max length: 1m.
Max weight: 30kg (65lb).
IGFA record: 10kg (22lbs).
Diet: Fish, mice and frogs.

Hoven’s Carp

Name: Hoven’s carp.
Common names: mad barb, mad carp, river carp.
Species: Leptobarbus Hoevenii. Cyprinidae.
Thai name: Pla ba.
Max length: 1m.
Max weight: 10kg (21lb).
IGFA record: 6kg (13lbs.3oz).
Diet: Seeds and nuts, shrimp, worm, molluscs, insects, boilies, maize and bread.

Indian Mahseer

Name: Indian Mahseer
Species: Neolissochilus
Thai name: Pla Wien
Biggest known fish: 24lb 8oz.
Lake rod caught record: 24lb 8oz
Average weight:  6lbs
Diet: Small Pellets, Fish, Shrimp, Snails & Worms.

Java Barb

Name: Java barb (silver barb).
Species: Barbonymus gonionotus.
Thai name: Pla tapien kao.
Max length: 60cm.
Max weight: 6kg (12lb).
IGFA record: 2.31kg (5lbs 1oz.)
Diet: Insects, shrimp, bread, maize, aquatic plants.