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Fishing In Thailand Newsletter October 2014


Hello and welcome to another installment of the Gillhams Fishing Resorts newsletter. Firstly we would like to thank everybody for their support over the years and everybody who follows us through social media. Our Facebook page has now entered 5,000 members, which is great. We don’t pay for likes; all our followers are genuinely interested […]

Fishing In Thailand Newsletter September 2014


Hello to everyone following Gillhams Fishing Resorts newsletter. In the absence of Stuart and Sean it has been left to the guides to compile the latest report on the fishing here at Gillhams in Thailand. Once again sorry for the delay in putting this report together, but as you can imagine without the bosses at […]

Fishing In Thailand Newsletter August 2014

Jenni and Dean Siamese carp 100lb+

Hello and welcome to another Gillhams Fishing Resorts newsletter. First of all we would like to apologise for this very late August newsletter. It’s been kept slightly shorter than usual, as it will be closely followed by our September newsletter. It’s been a hectic month here with the start of the high season, and a […]

Fishing In Thailand Newsletter July 2014


Hello and welcome to another Gillhams Fishing Resorts newsletter. Sorry for the delay but things have been very hectic here. Well, another month has flown by with lots of happy customers catching their dream fish. We hope everybody who visited us this month enjoyed their time here, and we look forward to seeing you all […]

Fishing In Thailand Newsletter June 2014


Hello again from Gillhams Fishing Resorts. Sorry for the delay in this newsletter about the fishing in Thailand. Stuart and Sean have been away on a month’s fishing trip to Marathon in Florida and Panama, which has left the resort very short-staffed. I know Stuart is going to do a write up on this trip when he finds time, but at the moment he is busy catching up on all the jobs he has to cope with to keep Gillhams up to the high standard he demands.

Fishing In Thailand Newsletter May 2014


Hello again and welcome to another newsletter following the fishing in Thailand at Gillhams Fishing Resorts. By the time most of you read this, Stuart and I will be on our way to Panama with a few good friends and even Geoff. First stop on the journey will be Florida where we will be fishing […]

Fishing In Thailand Newsletter April 2014


Thanks to everyone following the fishing in Thailand at Gillhams Fishing Resorts monthly newsletter. Those of you reading this month’s newsletter will have noticed we no longer spam you with emails. You have to register on our website to be informed that the latest fishing in Krabi news is online. As an incentive for people to register to our notifications, every person is entered into a draw for a weeks holiday with flights. Every name registered with us via our website link which is hosted through Aweber is randomly

Fishing In Thailand Newsletter March 2014


Hello everyone and welcome to the March 2014 report for the fishing in Thailand here at Gillhams Fishing Resorts. Stuart and Sean returned from their trip to the UK this week where apparently bookings taken from the shows went through the roof so we expect to see many new customers in the weeks and months to come. As soon as they returned it was Joel’s time to return home, if just for ten days, which left us a bit short on the guide front, but we needn’t have worried because as the old saying goes, “Never fear, Sean is here.

Fishing In Thailand Newsletter February 2014


Hello and welcome to the February 2014 newsletter, we are all still here in this beautiful country, living the dream! Well, whats has been happening this month? First of all it would be remiss not to mention it was the gaffer, Stuart’s 60th birthday this month. Unfortunately Stuart was in the UK, but that didn’t stop Benz face timing Stuart and getting young Jack to blow out the candles on his cake for him. The celebrations didn’t stop there because friend of Stuart, Paul Duggan felt that had Stuart been here, and knowing how generous he is

Fishing In Thailand Newsletter January 2014


Welcome to the Gillhams fishing Resorts January Newsletter where fortunately, or unfortunately depending how you look at it, you have me, Geoff, writing the newsletter for the next two months. Many of you will know that Stuart and Sean are away in the UK doing the shows, and they have left the resort in some very capable hands. First all Joel is in charge of all things fishing and running around making sure the customers are getting the fish of their dreams and also giving all the guides a hard time…