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Krabi newsletter April 2009

Hi to all our readers. Many thanks for all the encouraging emails – the Krabi newsletter is getting more popular as time goes on. It’s nice to see so much interest in this fishing in Thailand series. We had a good April; things were going great, all our customers were a pleasure to fish with, […]

Krabi newsletter March 2009

Hi to all of you following this fishing in Thailand series. This last month has been hectic to say the least with my trip back to the UK and Holland. For those of you who came to see me at the shows, thank you, and a bigger thank you to all of you who booked […]

Krabi newsletter February 2009

Hello once again, and thanks to you all for following this fishing in Thailand series. As I write this newsletter I am in the UK attending fishing shows, meeting up with old friends, getting drunk and freezing my nuts off while in Thailand the heatwave continues. I am sitting here with man flu, feeling sorry […]

Krabi newsletter January 2009

Hi everyone and welcome to 2009. Let’s all hope this recession ends soon – it’s really crippling us, as the first thing people do in troubled times is not take an exotic holiday. Don’t forget to cheer yourselves up and come and see me at the Carpin’ On show 2009 at Five Lakes near Maldon […]

Krabi newsletter December 2008

Happy New Year to all of you who are following this fishing in Thailand series. For those of you thinking of a fishing holiday in Thailand, now is probably your best time to book as tourism worldwide is struggling, and the airlines are slashing fares. Make a date to visit the Five Lakes show 7/8th […]

Krabi newsletter November 2008

Hello once again to all our readers. Don’t the months fly by? It’s nearly Christmas again! As I write this month’s lies, gossip and reports, I must touch on the December news. As you will have seen in the news Thailand’s main airport at Bangkok has been blockaded and shut down by a load of, […]

Krabi newsletter October 2008

Hi to all our readers. It will soon be Christmas, so go on treat yourselves and book that Thailand fishing holiday of a lifetime. The rains are dying out now as our rain season draws to an end. This year the weather has followed its true pattern, unlike yours in Europe. For those of you […]

Krabi newsletter September 2008

Hello everyone, from a very wet Thailand. The weather here for the first two weeks of the month has been rain, rain and more rain, just like a British summer! Our monsoon season ends in October normally, with a week of continuous rain, so we are hoping this is it. The amount of cold water […]

Krabi newsletter August 2008

Hi to all our readers following this fishing in Thailand series. I can’t believe a year has passed since I started the Krabi newsletter. What a year it has been, with some tremendous fish caught, and growth rates way above our expectations. So many of you have been over, and lots have already been twice […]

Krabi newsletter July 2008

Hello again to all of you who are following our fishing in Thailand articles, sorry to all who missed last month’s news letter due to there being no space left in Big Carp magazine. If you look at our website you will see June’s newsletter in the newsletters section. For those of you who […]